Wednesday, April 30

More on Cinco de Drinko

Yesterday I purchased a pinata much like this one. He is a pink, yellow and blue burro that I have named Paco. I have to tried to not get too attached to him though since inevitably we will be hanging him from a tree and beating him with a stick until his insides spill out. No one ever believes a pinata.

As I was doing a little research about the origins of the pinata there was something about Aztecs and clay pots filled with water or something, I am not really sure because I got bored until I found the song you are supposed to sing while hitting a pinata:

Dale, dale, dale,
No pierdas el tiro
Porque si lo pierdes
pierdes el camino.
Dale, dale, dale
Dale y no le dio
Quítenle la venda
¡Porque sigo yo!
¡Se Acabó!
¡Sigo yo!

which translates as:

Hit it, hit it, hit it (or Go, go, go)
Don't lose your aim
Because if you lose it (your aim)
You will lose the path.
Hit it, hit it, hit it (or Go, go, go)
Hit it, He didn't hit it
Take away his blindfold
Because it's now my turn!
I'm next!

Quite a literal song isn't it?

I also found the worlds biggest pinata which I frankly didn't understand.

You would have to hit it with a tree in order to get it to break open and unless Paul Bunyon is around that just isn't going to happen. This pinata may be big but is it an actual pinata if it doesn't fulfill its pinata destiny of getting strung up and repeatidly hit? I think not. Nice try Six Flags but I don't buy it.

On a more practical note, I think we may be able to string the Paco up on a high branch in the tree just east of my apartment but I am going to need a fairly long rope which I don't have. Any of you boys have ropes laying around we could use?

Tuesday, April 29

Do You Suffer From Word Rage?

I have on several occasions had conversations with people about words that are irritating and even cringe worthy to hear. It has always been an interesting topic to me because I wonder what is it about a word that can be so damn annoying. Is it what the word means or connotes? Is it simply the arrangement of the letters that make an unappealing sound when spoken? A negative association perhaps?

The word "moist" seems to come up most frequently in these discussions as being rage inducing. "Moist" definitely has a dirty or sexual connotation to it that might gross some people out but "wet" can mean the same thing but doesn't get the same negative reaction. The other word I hear frequently is "suckle". I don't like this word either but "breast feeding" doesn't bother me. I also had a friend who hates the word "Chico" with a passion but can't explain why. If I ask her she just repeats the word in a sour voice a few times and will say "ugh it's just annoying".

So I bring this up because I am curious if there are any words that cause word rage in any of you and if you have any thoughts on why this happens.

Have a moist day my sucklings!

Monday, April 28

For Adam...

...and his deeply passionate, unyielding love for belts cinched around the waists of the ladies. Please to enjoy.

Belts: New Ways to Cinch the Look by INSTYLE magazine.

I Have No Patience

At least when it comes to certain things and people. Tennesse at work can irritate me so very much and it is sometimes hard to hide that annoyance. What it probably boils down to is just a personality conflict, some aspects of his personality just clash with mine and he isn't a bad person but I kind of want to strangle him sometimes.

Case in point, there is a project we started 3 weeks ago and for this particular project my mom is handling the submission of the submittals and I am doing everything else. Although this is unusual to break it out this way, this is the 4th week of doing it. I on at least 10 occasions since we started doing the project have had conversations with him about my mom only doing the submittal submissions. Last week alone there were 4 conversations we had about it, the last one coming on Friday when he gave my mom an RFD that should have come to me. So I wrote him a note that said what I was responsible for and what my mom was responsible for so he could reference it since apparantly it is too damn hard for him to remember and in addition we also had another verbal conversation about it. So I come in today and there is an RFD in my moms inbox. I cannot begin to tell you how annoying this is, I just dont get it, really how hard is that to remember? It has been 4 weeks effing figure it out already. Does this effect my job that much, no but it irritates me that you can keep making the same mistake over and over again.

Along with this he has a very meek personailty and has no ability to be direct. It takes him forever to get down to what he needs or wants from me at work, he circles around the airport but does not take it in for a landing. I wish I could record a conversation with him so you could fully appreciate this. What would take my dad 2 sentences to say will take him a good 3 minutes to spit out and will usually end with me saying something like "so you want me to call him and tell him to pick up the submittals?" and him nodding yes.

I just want to say fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I also realize that I probably have the ability to not let this annoy me so much but right now I am getting some perverse pleasure out of bitching.

Friday, April 25

It's Official, My Truck is Cursed

I drove my crappy S10 for 10 years. In that amount of time I wasn't in any accidents, and I didnt have any dings or scrapes. I have had the Silverado for only a few months and already it has been hit at least twice. I woke up this lovely morning to find a large black scrape on the drivers side door. The scrape is probably 2-3 feet long and it may buff off but it isn't coming off my any scrubbing I can do. At least the paint wasn't scrapped but c'mon, people stop effing hitting me!

UPDATE: I have found that with gasoline and a lot of elbow grease the offending mark is coming off. I scrubbed for about 10 minutes and took off maybe 5 inches of it though so it is a slow process and my arm is tired. I had to stop when the fumes from the gas started making me light headed. I now stink of gasoline and I will probably have to take two more times actrually get it done but at least it is coming off.

Thursday, April 24

Austin Air Sex (yes Air Sex) Championship

I was looking at a link my sister sent me about a show that she was going to go to at the Alamo Draft House and as I was browsing through the other shows I came upon this gem, The Austin Air Sex Championships. It is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of pretending they are playing a guitar a la Air Guitar, they'll be pretending to make love with a partner that isn't there.

Here are the rules:

Time: Contestants have a maximum of 2 minutes to perform an air sex routine. This can include all phases of an air sex encounter: meeting, seduction, foreplay and intercourse, or you can simply cut to the chase.

Music: Competitors must perform to music, you can either bring a CD of your performance track with you, or you can choose from our selection of air sex music. You may also include an audio prelude to your performance, maximum of 30 seconds.

Other Rules: Unlike air guitar, there are not many other rules. Props are allowed, teams are allowed, talking is allowed. The only important rule is that all sexual climaxes must be simulated, not real.

Contestants are judged on believability, sexability, and overall entertainment value.

You know this would be incredily funny and uncomfortable to watch.

American Gladiators Is Coming Back

Yes indeed American Gladiators was not just a filler while the writers were on strike but will make a triumphant return on May 12th. The female contestants might want to be careful with the newest female gladiator though. Erin Toughill, allegedly beat husband Clark Bevans on their honeymoon and has filled a restraining order against her. Bevans claims Toughill went "insane" with jealously, and accused him of being "a pedophile, sociopath and homosexual." Aside from allegedly beating him on several occasions, Bevans claims Toughill smashed the windshield of his RV. He also says Toughill "bodychecked, hockey style" a trainer at Gold's Gym he had dated years before. Kind of makes Helga look a lot less intimidating (still wouldnt want to run into her in a dark alley though).

Also did anyone catch that Kobe Bryant scored 49 points and 10 assists last night against the Nuggets? Damn that guy is good. I also heard he did it all with a tray of nachos stuck to his foot.

Speaking of the Lakers,there is a Lakers versus Clippers exhibition game at the Save Mart Center On October 9th. I have never seen a pro basketball and this may be the closest I ever get so I think we should go, well those of us who are still around that is. Tickets range from $12 to $250. Dont think I will be going for the $250 seats unless I find me a sugar daddy but I can at least afford the $12.

Wednesday, April 23

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is coming! Cinco de Mayo is coming!

In case you didnt know, the holiday of Cinco De Mayo commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at The Battle Of Puebla in 1862. Not being of Mexican ancestory I don't have a strong tie (or any tie at all for that matter) to the original meaning of the holiday but I like the celebrate the culture of Mexico. They after all are our closest foreign neighbors and they make some damn good food.

I want to have a Cinco de Mayo celebration on the Saturday before the 5th, which would be the 3rd of May. You cant take tequila shots on a Monday night and expect to go to work in the morning, it just isnt going to happen so Saturday works better. I want to make dinner and have drinks at my place, maybe a pinata, and and then we can wander around to our usual locations and continue the celebrating.

Before I send out an evite though, will people be around and interested?

Tuesday, April 22

Restaraunt Review - Agave Grill

Susan from work had her 60th birthday over the weekend so we went to Agave Grill on the corner of Shaw and Minnewawa today for lunch to celebrate. This location has had many different restaraunts take up shop there in the past, it was a couple of different chinese food places and way back it used to be a steakhouse. Unfortunately it doesnt seem like restaraunts have much luck at that location.

When we walked in the first thing I noticed was that it was very spacious and very clean. You could tell that it had just been rennovated and there were some cool decorative mexican touches but it also had a modern feel to it, especially in the bar which had a very nice full bar and 3 HD flat screen tvs, I could see myself hanging out there. There were also a couple of murals that were painted on wood that were beautiful and the owner told me that it was done by a local artist.

We were seated in a large dining room but it was pretty empty. The salsa they served with the chips was very good and they also served refried beans with the chips. The menu was pretty extensive and had some more adventorous items that I was tempted to try but was afraid of how my stomach would react. The Pina de Mariscos appetizer is a half a pineapple with shrimp, scallops, octopus, green olives, and pineapple covered with a layer of melted jack cheese. They also had a large seafood menu that included sea bass, octopus, crayfish and abalone.

I went with my standard mexican food choice of chicken fajitas. Fajitas are hard to screw up but when you find a place with a good marinade, they can be really good. They came out sizzling with fresh homemade corn tortillas that were very soft, a side of rice and beans, guacamole and a small salad with a refreshing cucumber dressing. The veggies consited of your standard green peppers, tomoato and onion. The marinade they used was excellent and had a lot of flavor. Usually chicken can be bland in fajitas and also greasy but these were neither. The guacamole was also fresh and cooled down the sizzling fajitas nicely. I very much enjoyed what I ate.

My dad got the Tacos Puntas Agave which are tacos made of charbroiled beef, crispy bacon, bell pepper and melted cheese and although they could have been filled a little more, the flavor was good according to him. Other people in our party ordered nachos (which by the way are huge) with pork,a carne asada burrito and chile verde. Everyone seemed to enjoy what they ordered and the service was fast and friendly. We also ordered flan for dessert but I didnt have any because the texture of flan grosses me out but it was presented very nicely with a chocolate and carmel sauce and Susan has yet to stop talking about how good it was.

On my way out I chatted with the owner and picked up a flier on their happy hour which is from 4-7 Monday-Thursday and from 3-6 on Friday. The owner showed me the drink specials and they dont look bad. Margarita Mondays have a variety of margaritas for 5.50, 16 0z draft beers for 2 bucks on Tuesdays, Well drinks are 5.50 on Wednesdays which is also ladies night, shots of tequilla are only 2 bucks on Thursdays and all happy hours include 2 bucks carne asada tacos.

I reccomend checking this place out. They have good mexican food with a bit of a modern influence and the service could not have been better. The atmosphere is nice, not overly done but nice enough to hang with the north Fresno restaraunts. The prices are pretty reasonable and range from a 6 dollar tortilla soup to 19 dollars for the Filete Relleno. Most dishes average about 10-12 bucks though. Since restaraunts notoriously fail at this location I wanted to get the word out because its a great place and I hope it does well. I would happily return.

The Life of Kasey

Kendall and I often talk about the fact that we could write a really funny book about all of our bizzare and ridiculous experiences we have had with boys over the years. Yesterday I had an experience that could definitely be a part of that book.

I was at the gym and when I am there I always have my ipod on because I really hate working out without music and it can keep people from talking to me. However that didnt deter Harold from chatting it up with me yesterday. Harold is an older man, probably around 60 and as I was stretching he started talking about how I was in good shape which quickly turned into a "I have this friend who I play basketball with who has a crush on you". He then continues to inform me that this guy is about 20 years old, very shy and he thinks he is a little slow or mentally retarded (his words exactly). At this point I am not sure where he is going with all of this but I am not comfortable where this seems to be going. He keeps talking and I am not able to get a word in whatsoever.Eventually he gets to his point, which apparantly was asking me if I could be nice to him to give him a little extra confidence.

I had no idea how to respond to this. There were other people around who could hear this conversation so I didnt want to be rude but I also really didnt want to have to talk to this guy because it will be awkward as hell and I dont want him to think that I like him. I appreciate that he is just trying to help out his friend but it puts me in an awkward situation. I go to the gym 6 days a week and I know the guy he is talking about and he is there probably just as much and at the same time as me so it isnt like I will be able to avoid him ever. I tried to tell Harold that I was seeing someone but he made a joke about how it doesnt matter since I am not married and then suggested that I just pay him some compliments but let him know I have a boyfriend. WTF?

The conversation ended with him telling me, not asking me, that he would introduce us sometime and he left. Effing fantastic. Lets take the one place I like to go to get away from all the bullshit and heap it in. I dont think I will be able to avoid this at all so I am sure I will have an update of the awkward interaction to entertain you all with. *Sigh*

Monday, April 21

Quick Weekend Recap

The big wedding extravaganza in Pasadena this weekend as my very good friend Melissa married her fiance Dan. I am usually not a big wedding person but I had a really good time at this one, I pretty much only drank champagne for 3 days though so maybe that had something to do with it. In any case Melissa looked stunning, the ceremony was in a beautiful garden setting and everyone had fun. Here are some pictures (by the way I uploaded them in reverse order and didnt feel like changing it so it starts with the bouquet toss):

Bouquet toss that I missed because I went upstairs to get my purse at the wrong time. Kendall looks aggressive but she lost out to the girl in the blue dress.

Kendall and her mom, my mom and I at the reception. Our moms were the second and third people on the dance floor (they apparantly enjoyed cocktail hour).

The happy couple Melissa and Dan right after getting married.

You cant see the setting very well but it was in a really pretty garden with lots of flowers. This is Kendall and I And Melissas sister in law.

Kendall and I posing in our dresses at the hotel.

After the rehersal dinner we hung out in the lobby at the hotel (more drinking).

Melissa and I at the rehersal dinner.

I dont have any good or juicy stories to share, but apparantly there was some drama with my exboyfriend, his girlfriend and I that I wasnt aware of until my friend Allison took an elevator ride up with a couple who were talking about the drama with Chris's ex girlfriend. I thought everything was fine though so who knows.

All in all it was a good weekend and the wedding season has now officially begun, oh yeah.

Wednesday, April 16


Fashion above all else is subjective. We all have our own ideas of what looks good and what we find to be attractive, but every once in awhile I will come across something that baffles me. Steve Madden is one of my favorite shoe designers. I have several pairs of his shoes and frequent the website to see new the new styles that come out. Ok, actually I am on their mailing list and I saw an email from the company with the subject "Cutting Edge Peep Toes". I love me a peep toe so I was looking forward to seeing the new "cutting edge" styles and was disappointed to say the least to find these:

What the hell is that? It looks like the freakish offspring of roller blades and legos. Cutting Edge, really? Who wears these and what do you wear them with?

The description for the last pair reads like this: Get ready to cause a fashion stir with every step you take in these super chic booties. Wear them with a sweet summer dress or a pair of super skinny jeans for a fierce fashion statement.

A sweet summer dress? I don't get it. Steve Madden, these need some work.

Tuesday, April 15

My Better is Better

Nike premiered this new commercial for their SPARQ (speed, agility, reaction & quickness) training line during the NCAA basketball tournament. The first time I saw it I was at the gym so I couldn't hear the song, but even without it I love this commercial. The song by the way is "List of Demands" by Saul Williams in case you were wondering.
Nike has always had pretty strong and memorable marketing campaigns. They have done a lot of campaigns with professional athletes but it is the commercials where they focus more on normal people as athletes that I like the best and I feel are most effective. It is a lot easier to relate to the weekend warrior than it is the professional athlete who gets paid millions of dollars to stay in good shape. This ad makes me want to go work out so I can fulfill all of my amateur athletic potentional (seriously, I really do, I am lame). The other commercial I like right now is the mother riding her road bike and her family is following her as she rides. I actually am not sure what the commercial is for (the car maybe??) but I like that they use a woman and a mother as the athlete and role model of the commercial. Bravo.

Monday, April 14

Weekend Recap & Jaywalking

It was the first really warm weekend and I took advantage of that by going to the Grizzlies game on Friday and playing some golf with Nick and Potter yesterday afternoon. Ed posted a nice recap of the Grizzlies game on his blog so I will not repeat any of that except to say "Hey remember when Kobe Bryant jacked your nachos?". Priceless.

I hadn't swung a golf club since last fall which was painfully obvious yesterday at Hanks Swanks (whatever that place is called). The first tee off involved about 8 or 9 whiffs before I shanked it off to the right. The only real golf highlight for me was one drive that hit the flag and using Nicks Cobra that made an oh so pretty sound when you hit it. It was a good time and I definitely think we should do that more often. The night concluded with Nick and Adam both falling asleep on my couch watching MXC (awww). It was a busy weekend and everyone was a bit tuckered.

We also discussed the origins of the "jaywalking" this weekend and I did a little research and came up with this explanation:
"The complete Oxford English Dictionary traces the word jaywalker back to 1917 and labels it 'originally US'. There is a cross-reference to the word jay, which has a number of slang senses. The relevant one is 'a stupid or dull person, a simpleton. Also (as adjective) dull, unsophisticated; inferior, poor'. This is labelled 'US colloquial', and there is evidence of use from 1900. So persons who stupidly ignored traffic regulations were given (in Boston, it seems) this compact name.

So now we know, and knowing is half the battle.

Friday, April 11

Blah, Blah, Blah

A Couple of things:

1. I should get my replacement phone today, however since they werent able to tell me if it would be one or two days (meaning Friday or Saturday) I had them deliver it to my apartment and not at work in case it came on Saturday. Naturally fedex tracking says it should arrive today before 3 which means I will not be there to sign for it and I doubt they will leave it without a signature. Therefore I probably wont get it until tomorrow. In the meantime you can get ahold of me using my old work phone. Let me know if you need that number. Also, my SIM card was damaged so I am going to need to get everyones numbers, again.

2. I will be buying a new ipod today. Thats a nice chunk of money I did not need to be spending.

3. Anyone else see the weather report for the weekend? We are making our way up to the 90s, woo hoo!

4. The remnants of the cold/flu/whatever the hell it was that kicked my ass all week is still lingering annoyingly. My nose is drying out so it feels like when you jump in a pool and forget to plug your nose and the water goes up it, all of the time. Everything tastes funky, I couldnt even enjoy peanut m&Ms because they didnt taste right. I haven't had a full nights sleep since Monday night and it is starting to make me crabby. Ok I will stop moaning now.

Porn: It's Not Just For The Sighted Anymore!

Have you ever felt bad that the blind population can't enjoy watching porn like everyone else? Yeah, neither did I, nor was it something that crossed my mind until I heard about Porn For the Blind. Yes indeed you can hear narrated porn clips, not just audio files of porn but someone describing what is going on (in a very monotone voice). Even better is that these are not professionals narrating but the website actually requests people record their own narrations to post on the website. You too could do something good for the blind community and narrate a porn clip for them to enjoy.
Seriously though if porn doesnt offend your senstivie nature, take a listen it is hilarious.

Thursday, April 10

When Zombies Attack

Having a little more energy today I cleaned and did some laundry and got my bridesmaid dress altered and after all of that I needed a nap. I flipped the tv on and put on Dawn of the Dead which I had never seen before (for those who dont know or dont remember its the quintessencial zombie movie).
I really like scary movies and dont get freaked out or have nightmeres but I think the drugs may have been in overdrive because I had a horrible dream, not quite as disturbing as Adam having bored sex with me while Ed watched and blogged about it though.

I dreamt I was walking to Landmark and stopped at the cigar shop across the street to buy congratulations cigars because Brian knocked up some girl and was going to be a dad (I know, that alone makes it a blog worthy dream). While I was in there this zombie guy came in and everyone ran in the back so I followed and the guy in front of me slammed and locked the door so I was stuck in the store with the zombie guy. I was looking around frantically for a way out and when I found an open door I went through it and I was in roller town, except everyone skating was a zombie (it was very Michael Jackson Thrillerish).

I tried to blend in and act dead but they eventually figured it out and when I went through another exit it opened into Landmark and I ran in but it was empty and when I looked outside, all of the dice riff raff were outside playing dice and I tried to get outside but it was locked. I started pounding on the window and the riff raff looked up and Ed asked me to get bar snacks. I am yelling at them that I am being chased by zombies and to open the door but Ed insisted I get bar snacks before he let me out and everyone laughed. Thats about the time I woke up.

Odd to say the least but thanks for the help guys. I will haunt you all if you ever let me die of a zombie attack because I didnt have bar snacks, believe that.

Back Among The Living

After having my ass kicked by the worst cold I have had in awhile, I think I am finally on the road to recovery. I havent eaten much in the past three days nor have been sleeping more than an hour or two at a time but my symptoms are definitely subsiding so now I just need to get a good nights sleep and eat so I can get some energy and I should be back to normal.

I still do not have a working phone though. I couldnt bring myself to drive all of the way to work so I could use a phone to call about getting my phone replaced. I usually skip on insurance and extras like that when I purchase things but thank god I got insurance on my phone. I will have a replacement by Saturday at the earliest so dont forget about me when you are going out this weekend! I want to go too so someone send me an email or stop by and let me know whats going on pretty please. I cant stand to be cooped up in this apartment much longer. I will also need to replace my ipod which is pissing me off. Moral of the story, dont put water bottles in your purse.

Tuesday, April 8

Bad Run of Luck

So yesterday and today havent been so great. Yesterday a water bottle spilled in my purse and soaked both my phone and my ipod. Both are now permanately out of commission. Also my grandma went to the hospital yesterday because she was having chest pain. As of last night there was no news, but it sounds like it could have been a heart attack.

So today I woke up with a really bad cough and didnt go into work. I went to get my phone replaced and they told me that since I have insurance I had to call and have them mail it to me, which will take two days. Well I didnt realize it until I got home but I cant call because my phone doesnt work. So I am at home without a phone, I dont know whats going on with my grandma and I am working on hacking up a lung.

Anyway if anyone needs to get ahold of me, online is going to be the only option for a few days at least.

Monday, April 7

Final Game

The Jayhawks will be taking on Memphis tonight at 7:21 PM for the finals of the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament. Adam has offered up his place to watch the game so I will leave it ho him to set the time of when he wants people over. Also
do we want to order pizza or something or just eat on our own beforehand and bring drinks and snacks?
Also I need everyones 10 dollars so I can pay our winner Annie so if you havent already paid (or made a partial payment) please do that soon.

UPDATE: I forgot the game was in San Antonio so it is actually a 6:20 start time.

Friday, April 4

Mmmm Blissful Sleep

So I know that I missed a good time last night and some great bands but I was just entirely too tired. I had looked forward to going to sleep the whole day and I even skipped the gym because I was too tired, and thats some serious business for me.

It is my own stupid fault though, I stopped taking my iron supplements because I just got lazy and it caught up to me with a vengence this week. I just do not get enough iron in my diet so I need to get used to the fact that if I continue to exercise as hard as I do, then I need to always take my supplements. So I started popping them again and had red meat two nights in a row for dinner and got a lot of really good uninterupted sleep last night and woke up feeling great, better than I have in a long time. So sorry I missed out, but I really needed to stay home.

Only one more day to the bachellorette party extravaganza! I have to say I am pretty proud of the way Kendall and I have pulled this together. Every detail is planned out including labels I made for the water bottles and a going out mix that Kendall put together that we are going to send home with every girl. If I had enough patience to deal with Bridezillas and/or snotty women I could see myself planning parties like this for a living, it is a lot of fun and I like being creative. Lets be honest though, keeping my mouth shut when some crazy, demanding, hard to please person is yelling at me for not having the right shade of purple would probably be too big of a challenge for me.

Ok thats it. Party on.

Thursday, April 3


I just thought about Adam walking around in high heels and socks at Landmark last night. Then I thought about the random group of guys walking around in dresses looking for money because they lost some bet that they said had to do with the March Madness Brackets but I have my suspicions. And now I am thinking about the ever so painfully hilarious ass slapping session at the end of the night. Good times in Tower as always:)

Ed, where are the pictures?

Wednesday, April 2

Tattoo Update

When I got back to my truck after the gym yesterday I had a voicemail from Monica. She said that she had been sick and just got back to work last week so she hadnt even started it yet but was planning to in the next few days and she would give me a call when it was done. Although I still think she should have contacted me earlier and I have had to wait entirely too long already, I was satisfied that she at least let me know what was going on (thats all I really wanted in the first place).

I am going to give her another chance because I do think she will do a good job and I liked the initial very rough sketch that she did do...I am starting to get excited again:)

My Brother in Law is One Lucky Bastard

My brother in law Chris is a big fan of the HD tv show Three Sheets (see clip above)hosted by Zane Lamprey. If you havent seen this show, I guarantee you will like it and probably even love it. It is a drinking shows where the host Zane travels around the world and gets drunk, but he is really truly a funny guy. Kendall introduced me to the show awhile ago and I have been a fan ever since.
So Chris is on the email listserv for the show that tells him when a new show will be coming on and whatnot and he got an email awhile back about a contest they were holding. He figured what the hell and entered it. On Monday he got a call saying he was a finalist and last night he found out that he won. His prize, a 3 day all expense paid trip to New York to be in Zane Lampreys Pub Crawl. You can buy tickets to this event for $1,800 but they only allow 50 people to sign up.
If you want to look at the website with the info go here. If you don't have time or interest in looking at it, I will briefly summarize. You stay with this group of people for 3 days and everyday you go on a pub crawl to different bars and pubs that are represntative of their countries of origin and drink and eat with the host of the show. Since Chris won, everything for him and my sister will be paid for - this includes the food an alcohol at all locations. They have games and prizes throughout the weekend too. It hasn't been determined whether or not they will make an entire tv show out of this, but more than likely they will at least show some of it in an upcoming show.
So congrats to them. Lucky bastards indeed.

Tuesday, April 1


Do you find laughing at people trying to master the english language funny? Of course you do! I found a website ( can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. It is good stuff.
You can also buy products with some of the slogans they have found. My favorite t-shirts include:

"Got to Hell!! Damn Human!"
"I am the national treasue and I hate noise"
"Don't worry, be sex"
"Elvis is dead, Sinatra is dead and me, I also not so good"
"What kind of word is this? Its kind of crap!"

Please to enjoy!

I Don't Mean To Bitch But....

Ok I am seriously getting perturbed by Monica now. I called yesterday and she wasn't there but was coming it at 4, so I asked if I could leave a message so she could call me so I wouldnt have to take a chance that she would be in the middle of a tattoo if I called back. I was very pleasant when I called and gave the receptionist my name and number and the tattoo I was getting and asked that Monica please give me a call to let me know what the current status with my drawing was. She never called me back. Tomorrow it will have been 3 weeks since she told me she would have it done and I have left her two messages that she hasnt returned.

Artist or not it is unprofessional and inconsiderate to ignore your client. I gave her my $50 deposit that I have a reciept for and she will be getting a lot more of my money when she actually does the tattoo but that apparantly doesnt mean much. I am to the point where I would rather go to someone else who will gee I dont know, communicate with me and let me know whats going on. I dont feel like she cares very much about me or the tattoo that I am getting and it makes me a little uncomfortable. If I had gone with just about anyone else, I would have a peacock on my back by now. It doesn't look like I would get my $50 deposit back because they have a non refundable deposit clause, but at least I could be comfortable with the person who is going to be permanately inking my skin. I am giving her a few more days and then I am done.

In other news the bachelorette party planning is going well. There is even a possibility that we might be taking a trip into Tower Saturday night. So if you see a big yellow stretch limo taxi with 13 drunk girls getting out of it, be afraid, be very afraid.