Wednesday, October 31

Trick or Treat

Sorry if I stole your Wednesday Smile thunder Adam. HAppy Halloween!

Monday, October 29

Boo Hiss Maxim Magazine

I know that Maxim is a magazine for men that focuses a great deal on the physical attributes of women. I can't say I have ever read a Maxim cover to cover, but I think that it is a pretty safe bet. Most entertainment magazines for men sexualize and objectify women, it isn't a big surprise. However I was perhaps naively surprised by their recent list of the Five unsexiest women alive.
Really? Do you need to make a list of who you find to be unattractive? It just seems cruel and unnecessary to me. Women, especially those in the entertainment industry already have a great deal of pressure on them to look a certain way, and what most of the women on the list have in common is that they aren't cookie cutter women but have their own unique personal style and look. How dare they not be conventional. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the list, I still think it is an asshole thing to publish.

Good news/Bad news

Today I woke up in a marvelous mood. For the first Monday in 4 weeks there was no leaf blower to jolt me awake. I won't be presumptious and say that it won't happen again because there was a stretch of time for months when it didnt happen, but I was just happy that today they gave it a rest.

Now the bad news, or possibly bad news. My temporary tattoo paper that I was going to print my tattoos out on has not come in yet. I can't seem to track it because I didn't get a trcking code so I don't know if I am going to get it on time. Does anyone know where I could buy this paper locally? There has to be someplace, I just can't think of where. If that doesn't work out though I know there are some artists among us, anyone want to draw on me?? Seriously.

Also,I was going to go with the wifebeater/skinny jeans Amy Winehouse but we saw a girl out Saturday night with that on (by the way my wig is way more over the top and fantastic) and I figure that if anyone else goes as her, thats the outfit they will be wearing. So I think I am going to go with a dress wearing Amy Winehouse. Perhaps not as easily identifiable but I don't want to look exactly like someone else. I am still working out how to include "rehab" in the outfit.

Thursday, October 25

$100 may seem a little steep for a hoodie, but Burton has come up with quite the do-it-all sweatshirt. If I traveled more frequently it would be a worthwhile purchase. It comes with the following features:
Removeable inflatable neck pillow, zippored passport and ticket pocket, secret stash with earplugs, snap out eye shield, cuff thumb holes, pit zips (this doesnt so much apply to me but to someone who sweats alot, priceless), and some other more standard features. Now you may not be all that impressed but considering the last time I flew I was freezing and had my sleep mask on with my hood on and pulled tight, used a neck pillow while listening to my ipod and had a blanket over my head, it might just be perfect for me.

Wednesday, October 24

Guess who is not doing the safety dance

Yesterday I talked about construction safety and the stupid things that construction workers do that can get them hurt. Real life case in point, yesterday one of our superintendents had to go to the hospital because he hurt his arm. It seems he was driving while holding something (I believe it might have been a ladder) down on the roof of his car.
You see Saturday he got into a car accident and totaled his truck so he was using his wife's car which didn't have room for the ladder so he just held it down by sticking his arm out the car window and holding onto it. This is the same guy that has broken his work phone at least 4 times since I have been working here.

And now for your viewing pleasure midgets and medieval fun...the safety dance! (Yes I know I have posted this before but it is too great to pass up)

Tuesday, October 23

Safety in the Construction Industry

Part of my job is being in charge of safety. Today I am putting together safety presentations for the workers and I came across a few photos of "unsafe" construction practices. Now I know that construction workers don't always have the best reputation of being incredibly intelligent and it is pictures like these that perpetuate that perception.
They may not be the brightest but they won't let common sense get in the way of getting the job done!

Monday, October 22

Good News!

I was supposed to take a blueprint reading class that started tonight and was really not looking forward to it, but they called and cancelled it because not enough people were signed up. Thats exactly what I was hoping would happen, yay! The week is already looking up!

The weekend - I've had better

Although this weekend started out fairly well, by Sunday I was self sequestered in my apartment in an attempt to avoid human contact for at least a day. I needed the break.

On Saturday night I went to see my friend's husbands band Fraud at the Milano (I regret now that I didn't just go to Landmark, I would have had a much better time). I went with my friend, her husband and a friend of theirs that was described to me as a very talented musician/guitarist that fancies himself a rock star. So this was the first time that I had been to the Milano and it isn't too bad of a venue but they only serve beer and wine, booo!

There was a female led group that went on before Fraud that was really good, sort of a Rockabilly sound, certainly a rockabilly look. I enjoiyed them as did everyone else, included the tiny little Mexican man that was completely wasted and also a dancing machine. The little mexican was funny to watch at first, but then it just got sad. He sat himself down at a big table with a group that had all come together and at one point a couple of the girls in the group got up to dance and were motioning to their other girlfriend to join them and the little mexican thought they were motioning to him, so he got up and started dancing. He spun himself around and around like a whirling dervish on on speed. Still funny at this point and he also had very serious facial expressions throughout all of this. (Ok I am oing to end the story here because it will be a really long story written - remind me to tell you in person sometime)

Also, the "rock star" friend that came with us hit on me for about 3 hours straight, despite the fact I was clearly not interested and he couldn't remember my name. He actually tried to convince me that it wasnt important that he knew what my name was and then started calling me green eyes. My friend even told him I wasn't interested and I finally got to the point where I told him flat out that it wasn't going to happen, ever, and he still wouldnt stop! This is not by any means me bragging either because had you seen this guy, well had you seen him you would know he wasnt someone to brag about. I also made the big mistake of not driving myself so I was stuck there until they wanted to leave which ended up being about 3 AM. At some point my friend stepped on my foot with her 4 inch stilleto heel too which hurt like hell and left my foot swollen and bruised. I now know that heels could be good weapons should I ever be attacked.

So Sunday was spent inside my apartment, away from all of the freaks of the world. Today is a new day and a new week, I am hoping for some better luck.

Thursday, October 18

I'm just sayin

Does someone look familiar?

Wednesday, October 17


Interesting piece on NPR about swearing was on today and this article accompanied it. It is a bit of a long read but quite interesting. It discusses the historical context of swearing as well as societal implications and the loved FCC and their regulations. Here is an excerpt:

The Clean Airwaves Act assumed that fucking is a participial adjective. But this is not correct. With a true adjective like lazy, you can alternate between Drown the lazy cat and Drown the cat which is lazy. But Drown the fucking cat is certainly not interchangeable with Drown the cat which is fucking.

As it happens, most expletives aren't genuine adverbs, either. One study notes that, while you can say That's too fucking bad, you can't say That's too very bad. Also, as linguist Geoffrey Nunberg pointed out, while you can imagine the dialogue How brilliant was it? Very, you would never hear the dialogue How brilliant was it? Fucking.

Please to enjoy.

Remember Baby Jessica?

If you don't she was the 18 month old girl that fell into a well in her parents backyard in 1987 and was stuck there for 2 1/2 days or so until she was dramatically rescued as the world was glued to their tvs. She had to undergo several surgeries but later fully recovered and is no a stay at home mom in the same Texas town.

Well it turns out that all of the donations she recieved as a 18 month old was put in a trust that is now worth over a million dollars. A million dollars for having parents that failed to cover up a hole in their backyard. I think had I been someone who had donated money during that time that I would want my money back! It wouldn't be a problem had the money gone to help pay medical bills and surgeries, maybe even a college fund but she is getting a million dollars to do whatever she wants with because she was a klutz and had neglectful parents. Ok so calling an 18 month old a klutz is a little harsh but it is true, her motor skills must have sucked.

I am sure that some of the money of the original donations did go to medical expenses and they probably wouldn't be able to give back the extra money after that was all covered, but lets be honest falling into a well was probably the best thing that has ever happened to her. I think I too would fall in and spend 2 1/2 days in a well if I got that large a pay day from it.

It's an unfair world we live in.

Tuesday, October 16

What I learned today

I am very bad at letting things go when I know I am right. We had a bid today and I am the desinated bid runner. Let me give you a short synopsis of how the bid process works. We have subcontractors calling us and faxing us bids for their particular scope of work. We list the lowest bids and put together a total price which we then turn into the owner at the specified time. It can get pretty stressful because we often don't know what our price will be until just minutes before the time the bid is due so I am on the phone with the office, scribling our number down so we can turn it in on tine (if you are 10 seconds late at turning in a bid, it gets thrown out).
So today I was getting ready to leave for the bid and I look over the info I have to fill out and I specifically ask my dad if I need to list any subcontractors on the paperwork this time and he says No. I follow that question up with, so the only thing I need to fill out are the base bids and the alternates and he says Yes.So I am where I need to turn the bid in and I am on the phone and it goes something like this:
Dad: "Ok lets list subs"
Me: "You told me we didn't have to list subs"
Dad: "No I didn't"
Me: (This is where I start getting myself in trouble) "Yes you did, I asked you right before I left if I needed to list subs and you said no"
Dad: "Kasey this is a previaling wage project, we always list subs- you asked if you needed to list the subs before you left"
Kasey: "Well, you must have misunderstood me because I was asking if the subs needed to be listed for this bid-"
Dad: "Stop aruing with me, thats not what you asked"
Kasey: "Fine"

Obviously we were pressed for time otherwise I would have continued that argument, even though I know that it wouldn't do anybody any good I just can't let that stuff go. So I call back later, about 5 minutes before the bid (I still don't have a number and I have to not only write the numbers but also write them in words as well and there are 3 total numbers we list so I am short on time). He gives me the number, I ask him to repeat it because it was loud and I couldnt hear very well I hear him say (and he wasn't praying but definitely using it in vain towards me) "Jesus Christ" - GRRR! I kept my mouth shut this time because I still needed to write the numbers down but I was really annoyed because in fact I didn't hear him correctly and I would have turned in the wrong number had I not asked.

Well the good news is we were the low bidder so all is well that ends well but I am still annoyed. I think part of the problem also is that he is a stubborn old man and refuses to get his hearing checked even though he can't hear everything. He doesn't even hear me come in the office in the morning...hmmm do you think that might turn into misunderstandings sometimes? Obviously I also need to learn to just keep my mouth shut but that is not something I am good at doing. It isn't my fault though, I was raised that way:) Honestly ask my sister, she is the same way too but I would much rather speak up than be be some quiet, timid little thing that doesn't stand up for herself. I will have to work on the happy medium.

Monday, October 15

Guess who was back for the 3rd Monday morning in a row. Thats right, the leaf blower man.

My room is dark, I am snuggled up under my comforter all warm and deep in dreams when suddenly without warning at 4:30 AM the obtrusively loud leaf blower cuts through the silence of the night, apruptly waking me from my peaceful slumber. I knew that I had earplugs around my room somewhere but I couldn't remember where so I covered my head with a pillow to block out the noise which only worked at blocking out the airflow to my lungs so that wasn't very effective.

Since I keep forgetting to look up the non emergency police phone number I couldn't call them (sure 411 came to mind but again at 4:30 in the morning it just seems like a lot of effort) so again I didn't do anything. I wonder how the apartments right behind Stones feel about such a loud noise at such an ungodly hour so close to their beds. They must be heavy sleepers and unfortunately I am probably the lighest sleeper, everything wakes me up.

So I have looked up and written down the non-emergency police number (I would have programmed it into my phone but I left it at home) and am all prepared to voice my complaint next Monday. I get really annoyed with the lack of common sense in this world.

Saturday, October 13

Rant on myself

My health hasn't been so great lately and it is time that I start making smarter decisions when it comes to that aspect of my life. I went to the doctor yesterday and had blood drawn today so I can figure out why I have been so exhausted and light headed these past few weeks. As I have said in a previous post I believe it is my iron being low that is causing this, but I need to make sure so I should know that by next week.

I am going to see a nutritionist because I know that my diet could use improvement. I don't eat badly but I have been lazy in making meals at home and I need to start planning my meals out in advance more than I have been.

And I have had to take the week off from the gym and it is killing me not to go. I seriously don't know what to do with myself but I have been so tired that laying on the couch has been my activity of choice.

I hate feeling this way but if I don't start taking better care of myself things won't improve and I can't blame anyone but myself for that.

Thursday, October 11

For the love Britney, just put on underwear

Once again the princess of modesty has forgotten a very important article of clothing. Ding dang ya'll! Jena Jamison is starting to get jealous of her exposure, shesh.

Well here is a Halloween costume I can make around my green wig. Definitely not sexy either. Ha.

For Adam

Look Adam, a website to fuel your need for clever message t-shirts. Specifically I think the "highbrow" section is for you.
Does this make me an enabler?

Wednesday, October 10

Just call me Gifford

Very bored at work today and have been spending a lot of time taking stupid quizzes. This is what I found out about my past life:
Come on out of your shell — in your former life you were a turtle name Gifford. The details are a bit sketchy, but we do have a brief summary based on public records: You were born in a small pond beside a saloon. Despite having an exceptionally athletic father, you seemed to prefer sunbathing and mud baths to more active pursuits. Contrary to the rumor, your favorite color was never green, but actually blue. Few people knew that you were a talented poet because most of your work was destroyed during a flash flood that swept away not only your library, but your entire community. Fortunately you had the pluck to survive, settle down, make some eggs, and live happily ever after with your wife Melinda and your 20 offspring.

Say what?

Friday, October 5

Dan Rather asks the hard hitting questions

I found this amusing. The intro is lame but Dan Rather and his crew have a very serious 20 minute discussion on to wear or not wear a coat and Rather keeps bringing it back up. Anyway this is journalism at its finest.

Wednesday, October 3

Tuesday, October 2

For the past week or so I have noticed that I have been really tired and sluggish. At first I thought it was because I had been woken up by people screaming outside my window or leaf blowers at 4:30 in the morning, but even when I get undisturbed sleep I feel the same way. I hope that it isn't the anemia making a bold return because it feels very similar.

I notice the most similarity when I am at work because I seem to lose the inside voice/outside voice differentiation. I am snippy and there is limited filtering when I speak. For example, the UPS guy came in this afternoon and had an envelope addressed to Mark Harrelson. Susan signs for it and brings it to me.
This I have never understood because both her and my mom do it, anything from UPS is given to me and put in my inbox. The package or envelope is clearly addressed to a particular person in the office but instead of giving it to the person to whom it belongs it is given to me and I walk the 5 additional feet to give it to the right person. It is just dumb so I questioned Susan as to why she gave it to me and Susan's reply was "I don't want that job".

It isn't a fucking job, it is handing an envelope to someone so get your nose out of the air (incidently, anyone who wears cat earings and vests with cows on them should never get snooty with ANYONE). In my job description it does not say "Hands envelopes to the people they are addressed to". There are 5 people in this office, it isn't hard. If you are that busy that you don't have time to do that then you also shouldn't be calling your husband 5 times a day and walking him thru the grocery shopping and talking about where the dogs were when you last left the house and making sure that he gets up at the right time in the morning.

Anyway, the point is when my iron was low before I was tired for a long period of time without any reason to be, was frequently light headed and was snippy to everyone - which is how I feel now. It is weird though because I haven't been running so I don't know what would cause this. Maybe I should have a steak tonight...
As I have previously posted I have been wanting to volunteer somewhere in the community and as the cliche goes, make a difference. After searching the Volunteer Center of Fresno's website for opportunities, I made several contacts with various organizations and haven't heard back from any. This was very disapointing. I really wanted to do some work at the Special Olympics and filled out and submitted the form twice but I haven't heard anything back from them. A lot of the opportunities that I was very interested in were geared toward people who do not have full time jobs and can work in the mornings or afternoons, which I obviously can't do.
I did however find that the Poverello House does a special dinner the 2nd Thursday of the month that they need volunteers for. Here is the description:

Papa Mike's Cafe is held the second Thursday of each month. Volunteers help serve restaraunt style, and act as waiters and waitresses filling pitchers of water, bringing out bread baskets & butter and serving our clients menu's and orders. It is alot of fun & something new for Poverello House.

The volunteer coordinator did get back to me on this and it looks like we would need to meet on October 13th at 4:45 PM. I think I am going to do it so if anyone would like to donate a Thursday evening to help, let me know.

Monday, October 1

LA: Love it and Hate it

I have always had a love/hate relationship with the city of LA but recently it has tipped a little more to the love side. I could never completely fall in love with the city, I just don't think I have the patience for it. I love big cities but the day to day annoyances of living in one would get to me. Overall I had a good weekend though and it was nice to get away for a few days.

And this is Melissa's puppy Lucy, I got to spend a lot of time with her at the dog park this weekend too.