Monday, June 29

Dates To Remember

Ok two things:

A. The pool and BBQ are available this Saturday for the 4th of July. Please indicate interest in the comments.

B. The cabin is available the weekend of July 27th. It is likely the only weekend that will be available this summer. There was a meeting this past weekend with all of the homeowners and they are cracking down on large groups of people coming up there. I guess there were complaints of cabins being loud at night on weekends so they are supposidly sending patrols out Friday and Saturday nights and if you are loud after 10 PM they will give you a ticket for disturbing the peace. So I probably cant have an enormous group up there and we have to be a little more chill. No loud drunk shenanigans please, I heard about what happened last week after whiffle ball:)

Summer Drinks

Mens Health and Eat This Not That have new summer drinks guidelines. Drink Smart!

Summer Cocktail:
Drink This: Mojito 160 calories (suprisingly low I thought since Mojitos use sugar)
Skip This: Long Island Iced Tea 700 calories! (I am no longer suprised I was a little chubby in college)

Classic Cocktail:
Drink This: Bloody Mary 150 calories (and a serving of veggies already included)
Skip This: Pina Colada 625 calories (My question is who drinks pina coladas anyway?)

Drink This: Guiness 125 calories
Skip This: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 175 calories (50 calorie difference add up if you are drinking a lot)

Light Beer:
Drink This: Beck's Premier Light 64 calories (less calories than most non alcoholic beer, which I still dont understand why people drink anyway)
Skip This: Bud Light 110 calories

Protien Drinks:
Drink This: Atkins Advantage Chocolate Delight Shake (11-oz can)190 calories
Skip This: Muscle Milk Chocolate Milk High Protein Shake (11-oz can)
240 calories(Muscle Milk may look cooler but you may be ruining some of your results if you go with this)

It is hot, drink up, just do it without being ignorant of what you are ingesting.

Wednesday, June 24

Risque Ad

I was flipping through InStyle magazine yesterday when I noticed an advertisement that caused me to flip back and take another look:

Yup, thats a naked greek style statue of a woman in a garden who has a real bush where her lady bush should be. It is certainly direct, no beating around the bush, so to speak, as to what they are getting at. The product is Schick Quattro Trim Style which is waterproof and you obviously use it to shave, style, and shape your lady bush, just like you would trim the bushes in the garden.

I think it is a funny ad and would love to see a version of it for tv, that would be a riot. I also kinda want to get one.

On a related note, I also saw a commercial for a hedge trimmer last night that I also kinda want to get. I just have to make sure I don't mix the two up. I also hope that I never need a trimmer as big as the Garden Groom for my lady bush, although I have seen a few bushes in the locker room that could benefit from it.
The gym is a place that can sometimes feel intimidating. If you are someone new to the gym or are not confident that you know what you are doing, you are not alone. It is inevitable that if you go to the gym on a regular basis you will do something to embarass yourself though and thats ok because it probably means you are trying something new and that is how you learn.

Case in point, last night at the gym a guy who was probably 18 or 19 was at the incline bench press and he picked up the bar that had 25's on each side. The bar did not have clips for the weights to not slip off so slip off they did. The first one crashed down and as soon as that one slid off the weight shift was too great and the other crashed to the ground too, coming very close to bringing him down with it. He stubmled, ran into some equipment and clumbsily recovered. I am sure he was really embarassed, but I never thought he was an idiot or a dumbass, these things happen. No one else laughed at him either and in fact one guy went up to him to ask if he was ok which I thought was nice.

And a more personal antecdote, I was doing dumbbell chest presses on a flat bench and I grabbed (2) 20 pound weights and laid down to do my workout. Well as soon as I brought them up, the left side seemed heavy and I lost my balance and started falling off the left side of the bench. I flailed and recovered and finished my set but thought it was weird that my left side seemed so much weaker. I looked down and realized that I had a 20 pound dumbbell and a 25 pound dumbbell and I felt like an even bigger dumbbell. They were clearly marked so I dont know what I was thinking so I sheepishly brought the 25 back and grabbed the 20.

Of course you all know about the hole I had in my crotch of my spandex and perhaps you remember the guy doing sit ups with a big ass boner...point of the story, don't let your fear of looking stupid prevent you from going to the gym or from trying a new workout or lift. No one is laughing at you and if they are, who cares, you are doing something to better yourself and they can suck it.

Tuesday, June 23

My house makeover is slowly but surely coming along. I have completed the living room except for (2) shelves I am going to be putting up and I will move on to painting the master bedroom and hallway this weekend. I have a very long list of things I want to do and items I want to buy and here are a few things that I can't wait to get my hands on:

First, air plants are my latest and greatest plant obsession.

They are actually less maintenance than succulents because you don't even need to plant them! I saw a lot of them this weekend at Cornerstone Gardens and fell in love. Their roots serve only to give the plants a firm anchor to whatever they are growing on and all of their moisture and nutrition is absorbed through their specialized leaves. You basically dunk these guys in water every few weeks, shake them off and they are good. They are low maintenance but I also find them beautiful and sculputure like and you will find them around my house in the near future.

I have already done a lot of work on the outside patio, but before the summer over and I don't use that space as much I am going to paint a faux area rug on it, kind like this:

Seeing as I am not an artist I will use a stencil of some kind, free hand patterns arent so much my thing. I have an outdoor rug out there right now but it gets dirty easily and curls up in the corners and I dont have the money to pay for a nice one so this would be a chance to be creative and it will be alot easier to sweep the dirt off than it would be to vaccum it.

I also have plans to hang voltives in the fireplace for a little ambiance and of course there is all of that wallpaper removal in my future. I am saving that for last though, I know it is going to be a bitch. I love having projects though and this will keep me busy for awhile.

The Turkey Burger That Wasn't

I am new to the grill, but I looove it. I have cooked on it about 4 times so far and all has gone well. I am still working on mastering a good veggie marinade, olive oil and garlic are good but I think I can do better. I have also successfully grilled chicken that was very tasty so I decided that last night I would tackle a turkey burger.

I went to Whole Foods and bought pre-made turkey burger patties and got an aray of fixin's and good cheese and was ready to get my grill on. All was going well but I am still unsure about cooking time for various meats, I just don't have the experience to know yet. The turkey burger was looking good though and I couldn't wait to eat it so I cut it open a little and I didnt see any pink so I was good to go.

I built up this awesome burger with arugula, spicy mustard, balsamic vinegar, tomato, red onion and avacado. I cut it down the middle and realized that it was not fully cooked, the middle was still pink. I had already turned the grill off plus the other patties I had were frozen anyway. And to add insult to injury I burned my arm turning the propane tank off. Fuuuuuck.

I sadly threw the burger away and made a new one without meat, basically a fancy cheese sandwich. Tonight, I will try it again. You will not defeat me turkey burger, your ass is mine.

Monday, June 22

Weekend Re-Cap

This weekend I went up to Napa to hang out with Nick and get away from house stuff for a weekend since it feels it is all I have been thinking about for 2 months. On Saturday I drove up to Sonoma to visit a place called Cornerstone Gardens. It was beautiful and amazing landscape with a very artistic flair. Unfortunately I realized after I had gotten there that the battery in my camera had died so I had to result to taking pictures with my phone and they really don't do this place justice.

Cornerstone is an eclectic collection of shops, wineries and a gourmet cafe set amidst nine acres of garden installations created by the world's leading landscape architects. The exhibits featured typical landscapes and also quirky exhibits like the "The Usual Suspects" miniature golf course that paid homage to the the big names in landscape architecture.

This tree is dead, but instead of removing it they decorated it with strings of blue Christmas bulbs:

The bulbs had seen better days, there were a lot of broken ones and the blue had faded in the sun to an aqua color, but it was still beautiful and I loved that they made a dead tree a piece of art instead of just thrwoing it away.

All of the exhibits had greatly varied types of landscape from a pond with beautiful lily pads and lotus flowers to my favorite, the grasses and cactus/succulent native style landscape:

This exhibit had big boulders that had holes grinded out in them and had succulents planted in them:

They even used dead trees to grow succulents on them:

Some of the exhibits also had political messages such as this exhibit which highlighted issues of mexican american immigrants:

This is a very unique destination and I would encourage people to stop by next time you are in the area, I kinda want to be a landscape architect now. It is free admission and the grilled chicken avacado sandwch might just be the best I have ever had.

Friday, June 19

Every House Has Its Quirks

Now that I have been in my house for almost a week, I have come across some strange things that aren't necessarily problematic but just kind of quirky. First of all I have given up showering in the master bathroom, it is just entirely too tiny and believe it or not that shower is smaller than the shower at my old place. If I were a guy this wouldn't be a problem, but it is damn near impossible to shave your legs in such a tiny space. I was attempting to shave my legs the other morning and was balancing on one leg when I lost my balance and my ass knocked the shower door open. Apparently there is room for me in the shower but there isn’t room for my ass.

So I decided to start showering in the guest bathroom where my ass has plenty of room. That bathroom has quirks of its own though. I put up a shower curtain and turned the shower on and it came to my attention that there was a rather strong breeze in there. At first I thought it was maybe because I had the window open and it was somewhat windy outside so airflow must have been created with the bedroom windows being open and the bathroom. But when I closed the window the wind was still there. We aren't talking a light breeze either, my hair was being blown back and the shower curtain was whipping around. There is good water pressure but I wouldn't think that would cause such a wind tunnel! While I was taking a shower the curtain kept sticking to me as it whipped around it was so bad.

In conclusion, I either have water pressure strong enough for a fire hose or my guest bathroom is a vortex to another universe. You be the judge.

Thursday, June 18

Something That Really Bothers Me

I frequent several blogs/websites that are read by mostly women that have to do with topics such as fitness and celebrities and I am often appalled by the harsh criticism that women will post about other women. For example, a picture of Jessica Biel was posted along with her workout routine:

Although some of the comments were positive, there were also a lot that sounded like this:
"I don't really think she has a very feminine physique. Fit and toned, yes. But feminine, I'm not so sure."
and this:
"I second that ashleygaidhlig, I don't want her mannish bod either..."
"She looks like a man"

Ok it seems like having muscle and being fit is a problem if you are a woman. If you don't have that much muscle you should be alright then? Not so much. Take this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker (posted on the same blog as the picture of Jessica Biel):

She is much more petite and "feminine", but she is not any more favorably received:
"She does look really gaunt now. She needs a bit more fat on her to look normal again. "
"that's not fit. that's disgusting. too bony and rigid. she needs some softness about her."
"you're right. It does look better to gain a few pounds as you get older so you won't look as wrinkled..."

Maybe a girl with some curves with fair better? Well that cant be right either since Jessica Simpson wore the now famous mom jeans at a concert there was a huge backlash at how "fat" she was:

A few years prior to that she did the Daisy Duke thing and got criticism of being too skinny because her ribs showed:

Bottom line, you can't win with other women when it comes to what your body looks like unless you are in an extremely narrow category. She is skinny BUT she has cellulite or small boobs or she is way too fat because she is a size 10. There always seems to be something to criticize and it baffles me that as women who know how mentally detrimental being criticized is, happily engage in doing so to other women. I think some women may believe that the women they are criticizing are celebrities which means it comes with the territory and/or they won't read it anyway so what does it matter? Well the "regular" women read these nasty comments and are affected by it as well. If someone reads a post about Jessica Simpson being fat and they are the same size or larger, how do you think that makes them feel? It starts to get engrained in us that what is attractive is so narrow that we will never achieve it so we feel bad about ourselves.

When we criticize we fail to recognize that there are a multitude of different body types and sizes and we can't all look the same. This is a good thing but to put someone down because they have more muscle or they carry their weight around their waist or whatever, is asinine. And to somehow justify the criticism as it just being their opinion is also ridiculous. If you don't find a thin body type or a big boned body type attractive that’s fine, we all find different things attractive but why the compulsion to make sure everyone knows that you think someone looks haggard or like a man?

It is hard enough to be a woman without having to take insults from other women. We all know what it is like to feel badly about ourselves, no one us immune from that, and personally I wouldn't want anyone to feel the way that I sometimes do when I think something about my body is hideous. And adding insult to injury if you do feel bad about something about yourself that others perceive as insignificant means you are ridiculous and crazy, which makes you feel even worse.

My wish is that the next time you feel compelled to make a remark to anyone about another woman's body to stop and think of how she would feel if she heard you or how you would feel if someone would say something like that about you. The majority of women struggle with self esteem at some point in their lives and think of how the world would be different if women spent less time feeling bad about their thighs and more time feeling good about themselves.

Wednesday, June 17

Possibly The Worst Song Ever...

...or at the very least, the worst birthday song ever. I am quite sure that no one who reads my blog has heard this song and I am only slightly sorry that I have to subject you to this but I can't keep it to myself anymore. This song is TERRIBLE. Not only are the lyrics weak but the music is awful and it uses the voice synthesizer thing. I just don't get how a song like this makes it to the radio and gets played, frequently. And who still has a water bed these days anyway???

Yeah, yeah, yeah

{Verse 1}

It's your birthday so I know
you want to riiide out,
Even if we only go to myyy house
Sip mo- weezy as we sit upon myyy couch
Feels good, but I know you want to
cryyy out
You say you want passion
I think you found it
Get ready for action
Don't be astounded
We switchin' positions
You feel surrounded
Tell me where you want
your gift, girl


Girl you know I-I-I
Girl you know I-I-I
I've been feenin'
Wake up in the late night...dreamin' about your lovin'
Girl you know I-I-I
Girl you know I-I-I
Don't need candles or cake
just need your body to make good

Birthday sex
Birthday sex

It's the best day of the year, girl

Birthday sex
Birthday sex

It feels like, feels like... lemme hit that...g-spot g-spot

{Verse 2}

See you sexy and them jeans got me
on 10
1-2-3, think I got you pinned
Don't tap out...fight until the end
Ring that bell; we gon start over again
We grindin' wit passion, cuz it's yo birthday
Been at it for hours...I know you thirsty
You kiss me so sweetly...taste just like Hershey's
Just tell me how you want yo gift, girl


{Verse 3}

First I'm gonna take a dive into the water deep until I know I pleased
that body (body ah oop)
Or girl without a broom
I might just sweep you off your feet
And make you wanna tell somebody
(body, how I do)
somebody body how i do
Or maybe we can float on top my water bed you close your eyes as i impry between your legs
We work our way from kitchen stoves, and tables
Girl you know I'm more than able to please, yeah
Say you wanted flowers on the bed (on the bed)
But you got me and now it's on again

{Chours) (it's the best day of the year, girl)
(lemme know what it feels like, feels like, when I hit that G-spot, G-spot)
I go straight from work to the gym now so I have to pack my gym bag at 6 AM, which isn't when I am thinking the clearest. Yesterday I tragically forgot to pack my ipod. The gym is a whole new experience without that to block the outside world, one I generally didn't enjoy.

First, people have a tendancy to want to chat a little more. One of the sweaty smelly guys in the hall at the handball courts told me he was going to pick me up one of these days and give me a ride to the gym. Uhh thats a little creepy and I would prefer to just walk by him like I normally do and not hear anything he is saying. I will miss walking the neighborhood but it kind of freaks me out when guys I have never met or talked to know that I walked to and from the gym everyday and they also know the route I take. I dont think I really realized how visible I was when I was walking.

The other benefit of listening to my ipod when working out, I don't have to hear all the guys grunting when they lift, which really grosses me out. I was on a flat bench and the guy next to me was on the incline sit up bench and every time he did a sit up I felt like I was listening to porn. There was also a middle aged man and an old man I had to listen to grunt and again I just cant help but think this is what you sound like when you are fucking, ick.

Finally, doing cardio without an ipod is PAINFULLY boring, especially when all the good sports like basketball and football arent in season to watch. The show that was on was some local sports show that followed the Giants game and a half hour on the stair stepper might as well have been a marathon mentally. After about 10 minutes I couldn't take it anymore so I made sure it was ok for everyone if I changed it and found Rocky IV, oooh yeah. I really started digging in when Rocky got to Russia and started training old school, it inspired my workout.

So I made sure to pack my ipod this morning so I don't have to deal with sweaty smelly men, grunting and boring tv.

Tuesday, June 16

Interviewer Gets Choked Out By A Women During An Interview

Something tells me this interviewer wasn't expecting things to go this way...If you just want to see the choke out go to about 4:40 in the video.

Still Unpacking...

I have to warn all of you that for at least a little while I will be doing house posts that may not be all that interesting to you but right now it is my life so it is what I have to talk about.

Sunday Kendall and Melissa and their men came over to help me paint the living room. I am very glad they were there because it took a lot longer than I expected and I also encountered some problems. The curtains were rigged up with about 7 different brackets and one was anchored in the wall and we couldnt remove it so we have to cut the screws to get it out of the wall. It was a pain in the ass but we finally got them down, used drywall tape and spackled the huges holes that were left. I chose a color called "Winter Calm" which is a light gray that has red/purple undertones. It is a nice neutral that makes the room look much more modern and perhaps even a bit more sophisticated. I have extra paint so I am going to paint the hallway the same color to carry it through the house.

I still have a lot to unpack though. I got most of the kitchen done last night but I found it isnt the most functional of kitchens. It has a lot of cabinets but no pantry so the food is difficult to see and access. The north side of the kitchen has open cabinets, which I like, I just don't have a lot of nice dishes to display. My plan is to paint the cabinets black and take down the wallpaper and paint the kitchen walls and dining room a bright green.

The only room I have set is the family room with the fireplace:


I am going to keep this room white and I looove my "I Want to Believe" poster:)

I am really enjoying my house and have been sleeping like a baby so I don't miss the motorcycles and drunk people yelling in the middle of the night. Go figure. The quiet life is for me.

Thursday, June 11

To anyone who is selling a house or will be selling a house sometime in the future I implore you to be considerate of the person or persons who are purchasing your home. Whomever is buying your home is giving you a good deal of money and it is not an easy process so when you consistently are late in getting in paperwork and cause multiple delays you are making it very difficult on the person who is already in a stressful situation as it is.
After the 2 week delay in closing escrow because they took over a week to make a decision that should have taken 2 days, they have again delayed things by turning it final paperwork late yesterday. It should have been in by 11 AM and they didn't get around to it until 3PM. That means instead of getting the key today, I get it tomorrow and I have scheduled 3 different repairs already tomorrow starting at 8AM. In additon I tried to tranfer my Comcast to the new house on Monday and found they havent terminated their service and you cant set up new service until that is done. So I let them know that they needed to do that and today I tried to set it up again and they still havent done it. I realize this isn't the end of the world and that they are busy and have things going on but I am completely at their mercy and I am trying to be patient but I have so much going on right now it would be nice if they could be considerate and get their act together.
In the future whenever I sell my home I will be sure to remember where the seller is coming from and be more understanding and timely and I would encourage you to do the same:)
Well I am unhappy to say that I may have to cancel my plans for another marathon this fall. My foot has started to hurt like it was hurting before and last night and this morning it is the worst it has been. The insert in my heels hasn't helped at all and I am icing my foot at work right now to reduce the swelling and numb it up. I am going to see about getting good inserts for my running shoes and not just the ones you can get at Target but the good ones you have to order to see if that helps. Other than that though I can't really afford at the moment to go to the doc and really investigate what is going on because I have to meet a deductable before insurance starts paying and I am no where close to that. Gotta love our messed up health care system!
It also terrifies me to think I would have to take time off from going to the gym. I would not react well to that, at all. It disappoints me to think there is a good possibility I won't run the marathon in the fall, I was starting to look forward to that.

Wednesday, June 10

Hammer Time!

I don't know if it is the shiny gold pants, the shear What the fuckness of the situation or the old man doing the MC Hammer dance really quite well, but I enjoyed this video:

Tuesday, June 9

I don't have enough for a full post on any of these topics so I am posting a sentence or two about each:

- I was watching a show about Little people last night and the woman on the show who was maybe 4'2" had bigger boobs than I do and I was jealous.

- So people apprearently register now for their own house warming parties (according to the cashier at Trader Joe's). I find it distatseful to expect a gift when you have people over to celebrate the purchase of a home. To me it says, you can come to my house for a party so I can show off my house but you have to bring a gift. House warming gifts are nice and thoughtful but they should never be expected.

- Does anyone want or may know someone who would want a dining room table and/or a chaise lounge for FREE? The dining room table is an oak or maple and is pretty big and solid and appears to be in good condition. The lounge is super comfortable, green and also in good condition except one leg does not stay in, you will have to glue it, but it is sturdy and I used it without a problem even with the leg not glued in. If no one wants to take it it is going to the salvation army on Friday.

Monday, June 8

Crunch Time - Another Boring House Post

I got a lot of stuff done for the move this weekend, but I still have a good amount of work left to do. Yesterday I had my final walk through and got to meet all the dead cockroaches that have gone to a better place after fumigation. They were HUGE so I was happy to bid them adieu, for now at least. Everything else looked good so I sign the final papers today at 11 AM. Hopefully I can also get the keys by the middle of the week so I can go in and do some cleaning and try to get the old people smell out before the move on Saturday.

As far as the move goes I am incredibly grateful for anyone who is willing to help. Everything will be as organized as possible and I rented a Uhaul so it should be a fairly quick process as well. I would like to start at 9 AM if thats ok with everyone. I know the weekend is busy for some of you with the Undercurrent show so lunch and drinks will also be provided so you can be nourished and on your way.

Things I am really looking forward to are a dishwasher, a garage, a quiet neighborhood and not living somewhere were all the walls are white for the very first time in my life. This girl needs a little color:)

Friday, June 5

I am house sitting for my parents until tomorrow and yesterday Annie and Reagan came over for dinner and a pool party. So cute, I had to post a pic of Reagan's first time in a big pool:

She enjoyed the water so much, her little feet got pruney because she didnt want to leave:

She liked the water but she was also highly interested in the flowers nearby:

But nothing is more adorable than her in her duck towel:

It was a fun girls night:)

I also got word today that everything is ready for me to sign for the house! This is just about as official as it gets so I am quite relieved and happy. I am so extremely fortunate that I was able to get a house that is so perfect for me. I was just one of the lucky ones that benefited from the housing market crash and for that I am very humble.

Oh and what is everyonhe doing next Saturday? Anyone up for some beer? All you have to do is move a few things for me and the beer is yours;) You might want to request a certain beer if you do though because I am beer ignorant.

And speaking of beer, I just found out that they will be serving beer at mile 24 of the marathon this year. I think that may be what was missing last year. I needed a substance to take away the pain and give me some carbs! Just another reason for me to sign up...

Wednesday, June 3

Today is National Running Day

It is National Running Day! Running is a cheap and easy way to stay in shape and offers numerous health benefits including weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, improved bone health, improved mood and better coordination. Remember what it used to feel like to run when you were a kid? Complete freedom and joy. So throw on your running shoes and get out there.

Want to know more about running? Check out for advice, training articles and nutrition information. Want to sign up for a race? Visit Want to find local running routes? Click here. Want to find local races? Here you go.

I will be running this afternoon and watching Spirit of the Marathon tonight. That may be enough to motivate me to sign up for the Trail of Two Cities marathon. We shall see.

Tuesday, June 2

As with everything in life, being prepared, having goals and knowing how you are going to get from Point A to Point B is crucial for success. The same is true when it comes to exercise and getting fit. Unless you are gifted genetic freak, to get a strong and toned body you need to workout with focus and you should go into each workout with a goal in mind and a plan on how to acheive that goal. If you don't you will likely waste time and your workout will not be as effective. All exercise is good but if you want to step up the results, you have to put in the prep work outside the gym too. I know, this fitness thing is a lot of work, but so totally worth it when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

I feel you should always step into the gym with a written plan in hand to reference. Even though you may sometimes feel like a dork carrying your workout with you, taking the time to write down what you want to do forces you to think about what your goals are for not only that particular workout but your overall fitness goals as well. If you want to have a larger upper body or a smaller midsection you need to know what exercises are effective in achieving that and consistently perform these exercises. Having a written plan will help keep you on track.

It is a lot like going grocery shopping. You can go to the store with a list or you can just wing it, but if you are like me, winging it always means you will forget something or you will get home and realize you don't really have a meal so much as you just have food. Sure you can eat it but it doesn't quite come together as well as if you have shopped from a list and got exactly what you needed. You also waste time going from one end of the store to the other as you remember to get things or wander around trying to decide what sounds good.

I think the same thing can happen if you go to the gym without a plan. You get a workout in sure, but it is unfocused, wastes time and isn't as effective. You also may find yourself doing the same machines and lifts because it is what you know and you may not try new things, which is extremely important to do so you don't plateau. Look at the big picture and be sure that you aren't neglecting parts of the body like the legs or the shoulders. There is something a little strange when someone is out of proportion in terms of their muscle development. The worst offender is the big, developed upper body with little teeny chicken legs. I think that may be worse than kankles.

It of course takes a little time outside of the gym to plan ahead. Visit some websites like to get a description of many different exercises and what muscles they are working. Decide what you want to do, write it down and take it with you to the gym. On that plan should be the exercises that you will be doing for that given day written down along with the number of reps, the number of sets and the sequence of which you will perform them. Having this in front of you will greatly improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

If you are a regular gym goer (well done btw)and want better results think about what you are currently doing and make your workouts more focused. Results don't just magically happen because you stepped into a gym. You have to work hard, there is no getting around that.

On a side note, I meant to make this post funny but that didn't happen at all. So serious! Oh well, at least I got to use the term kankles.

Tattoo Fail

I don't know if it is just because it is 7 AM and I didn't have coffee this morning but this cracked me up:
Maybe it was purposely spelled that way, but in any case that tattoo fails.

Thanks Fail Blog!

Monday, June 1

My Weekend in Pictures

It was a pretty solid weekend for me. Nothing over the top exciting but nothing bad either. I was fairly productive when it came to packing but I still have a long way to go. I hit the gym Saturday but took Sunday off since my legs were (and still are) sore from Friday's workout. I might have had a few cocktails this weekend as well.
Anyway here are some of the pics I took along the way this weekend:

One of the succulents I planted a few months ago sprouted this beautiful purple flower. One of the things I love about succulents is that you don't know what they are going to do until you plant them and watch them grow. This flower practically popped up overnight and was already gone this morning. It reminds me to slow down and notice what is going on around me because beauty is fleeting and whats there one day may not be there the next. How is that for a Monday morning?

We asked them to show us the love and they did, awww:)

Nick and the hat that wouldn't die. I was glad I didn't find at my front door in the morning.

The sold sign finally went up so I had to take a picture:)

Have a lovely Monday everyone.