Tuesday, May 29

Ahh the Chuckster

Ok for some reason I can't embed this but I thouht you all might be entertained by an ever so articulate and witty Chuck Liddell, well when he isn't falling asleep during the interview that is.

Busy week ahead!

This is going to be a rambling post, you have been warned.

So Thursday my sister and her new husband are coming to town so we can throw them a reception (they were married in Costa Rica in April). I get along really well with my sister so I am very excited to see her and I very much like her husband Chris too. They met on Match.com, but I like to say that I was the real reason they got together because she wouldn't have gone to Texas if it hadn't been for me. Texas may not have worked out so well for me, but it has worked out very well for my sister. That reminds me, I have to write a toast. Damnit.

So Thursday I am taking them to dinner, Friday I am having dinner with Kristens new in-laws and meeting them for the first time then I am going to join Kendall's b-day extravaganza, Saturday is the big reception, and Sunday it is a day trip to the cabin. I wonder how long it will take before we are all sick of each other. My mom and sister have similar personalities so they have a tendancy to butt heads, which usually leaves me in the middle to calm everyone down. I am definitely the peace keeper in the family and the one that everyone complains to. I put all of that communication training to good use in my personal life at least.

Ok this is starting to sound like a Dear diary post, time to stop.

Friday, May 25

Person of the Week

Well I thought about having Samantha Larson be my person of the week for being the youngest non-native to climb Mt. Everest at 18 years of age, but it has been all over the news lately and I wanted my post about someone a little lesser known.
Then this kid came along - Jamison Stone - who claims to have killed a 1,051 pound wild pig. If true this is certainly not a worthy of being a person of the week, unless the enormous wild pig was on a rampage and threating the lives of children (it wasn't), but I thought the picture was worth sharing. Young Jamison will no doubt grow up to be an overweight, sweaty, beer drinking southern stereotype so hopefully he is enjoying 5 seconds of fame. Oh yeah he also said he shot the huge animal eight times with a .50-caliber revolver and chased it for three hours through hilly woods before finishing it off with a point-blank shot. How pleasant that must have been for the pig.
So the title of Person of the Week goes to 14 year old Catlin Snaring for wining the National Geographic Bee. She is only the second girl to win this title and answered every single question she was asked correctly throughout the bee. The question she won the competition with was "What city, divided by a river of the same name, was the imperial capital of Vietnam?" -- And in case you were wondering, Hue is the answer.

My hiatus

So I have been on away from blogging for a short spell so allow me to catch everyone up on my goings on:

  • Got my truck back with a newly replaced clutch and something fixed on my muffler and it was indeed a chunk out of my pocket. She drives pretty now though and I even took her to Red Carpet today (more on that later) to get her all shiny.
  • Had tonsilitis last week and then had an allergic reaction to the amoxocilin that resulted in a lovely itchy rash on my back and stomach. Switched perscriptions and naturally the new perscritpion wasn't covered by my insurance yada yada I feel much better now.
  • Back to Red Carpet. I rarely go to what I call the extaravagant car washes, but the truck was running like new so I thought it should be sparkling like new too. So when I get back in the truck and did the cursory once over, everything appeared good and clean so I tipped the guy a few bucks. As I am driving away I realize that my stereo is not playing the Muse cd that I had left playing but was instead playing the White Stripes. Strange, but I thought that perhaps while cleaning they had accidently hit a button and changed it to the radio. The radio was not playing however and when I ejected the cd, it was a burned cd I had made awhile back that I hadn't seen in months. I had moved all of my cd cases to the bed of my truck prior to it being washed as well so there were no cd's in my cab at the time of washing. I thought perhaps I was losing my mind (or maybe just smoking too much lately) and was not actually listening to Muse when I got out - but I know for a fact that I was, plus I certainly don't remember changing the cd to that particular one since I hadn't listened to it in a very long time so no my mind was indeed intact and functioning properly. As I was driving I was looking for my Muse cd, wondering if they had taken it or where it could possibly be. When I stopped I checked all of my cases, no Muse. I looked in my disc man, no Muse. At this point I am thinking it sure is strange that someone would steal a burned Muse cd, replace it with another one and hope I wouldn't notice?? So when I got back to work I looked around the cab of my truck and there it was, my Muse. It was under my seat so apparantly one of the Red Carpet employees (now a fan of the Muse perhaps) ejected Muse, found a cd that must have slide under my cd awhile back and switched them. It is all very strange. I also dont think they did that great of job inside the cab, too busy laughing at their prank but I would have been the crazy lady making a stink at the car wash had I gone back and complained. Yes I believe one of your employees switched my cds...
  • I need to get working on my person of the week! Maybe I should change it to Person of the every 2 1/2 weeks or so. Hmm, doesnt really have a ring to it.

Tuesday, May 15

Monday, bleh

My poor little truck finally crapped out on me yesterday. Just last week I made the comment that it was funny that Potter's car broke down when it was brand new and my old, high mileage truck was still going strong so I guess I asked for it. On Monday afternoons my mom takes a friend of the family who has Downs Syndrome out for the afternoon to do things and yesterday they were going to get their nails done. Well something came up and my mom wasn't able to make it so she asked me if I could take her place. I of course took her up on it and when we got in my truck to leave the nail place I couldn't get it into gear. I tried forcing it, but to no avail, it was AAA to the rescue. I will find out today what the damage is, but I am sure it will be cringe worthy. He has been a good little truck to me since 1998 and has driven me cross country and back twice and this is the most major problem I have ever had with it. Perhaps it is time I face the fact that our relationship may be over and it is time that I move on.

Monday, May 14

the weekend

This weekend, Kendall and I ventured down to Los Angeles to help celebrate our good friend Melissa's graduation from USC pharmacy school, congrats to her.

(Melissa is the dork giving the thumbs up in the background)

When we arrived, her entire family was there as well as her fiance's family and all were blissfully drunk while Kendall and I were stone sober and crabby from the long week and the drive. So we quickly grabbed a glass of wine to counter the Debbie Downer-esque attitudes we were sporting. Soon, we were happy clams.
What made it a little awkward was that Melissa's fiance's brother is my ex-boyfriend and he was there with his new girlfriend whom I have never met. This is the first relationship he has been in since me, and I don't think she was all that thrilled to meet me (understandably). She was also apparantly pretty drunk so I really didn't get to talk to her much. They seemed happy though and a much better match then he and I were so cheers to them.

The next day we went to the beach in Santa Monica and set ourselves up for the day.
Kendall and I are "amazing" at this beach game as my excellent form while the ball sails past me in this picture shows. Kendall also has some skills she was showing off.

I also went for a barefoot run on the beach while I was there and my calves are still tight and sore from it, but I don't often get that opportunity so it was a happy time. Unfortunately I did see a dead seal that had washed up and there were seagulls eating it so the ambiance was kind of ruined after that.

Other beach activities were volleyball, flying a kite, and I actually got in the water for the first time in years. When I do go to the beach I usually don't get in the water because it is too cold but I polar beared it and got in and it felt very....refreshing (sorry, no pictures of that).

Then we all went to dinner at Bubba Gumps and had a lot of shrimp. Our waiter also quized us
in Forest Gump trivia, and we all got the question "Which leg did Lt. Dan lose in the war?" I answered the right leg. I am a smarty pants aren't I? Damn that waiter and his trickery.

Then we walked around the Pier for awhile and came back to Melissa's condo and hung out. Melissa's new puppy Lucy is the most adorable puppy I have ever seen and Melissa's sister little dog was there as well, but I wasn't a huge fan of her because she was a little yippy white dog with a bow in her hair (too much foo foo for me) .

And seeing as I seem to post a lot about old people, Melissa's 83 year old Grandma Helen was also there and she was a spitfire. She asked if any of us had tattoos and then proceeded to announce that she has always wanted to get a bumble bee tattoo on her shoulder. Go granny!
The trip concluded the next morning and the drive home was uneventful, although Kendall and I did see a big rig being towed and the front of the cab of the truck was facing traffic which was somewhat unerving. We (Kendall might have actually had the idea- I cant remember) then had the brilliant idea that this would be the perfect opportunity to scare the crap out of someone if they were sleeping in the car by pulling up very closely behind the truck cab, screaming at the top of your lungs and breaking until the person wakes up and sees this huge big rig right in front of them. We did a dry run where I pretended to be sleeping and I think you would probably crap your pants. Unfortunately it it isn't very often that you have that opprtunity so I can only hope the opportunity presents itself again at some point and that I am not the one sleeping.
I also had dinner with my parents for Moms Day at Million Elephant. If you havent tried their mango and sweet rice, you should definitely order that someday. Also finally watched Tao of Steve last night and it was pretty funny although I started dozing off towards the end so I think I missed some things.
Good weekend.

Friday, May 11

if you have some extra time...

Well there has been a furry of posting by me today, but I found this website that is kind of cool and I thought I would share, although I wouldn't be suprised if some of you have already heard of it. It is a project that challenges you to get out of your comfort zone and interact in different ways with the world (ie going around and taking pictures blindfolded). Take a look see.

hee hee

Was browsing thru some news stories and this headline caught my eye. The assosciated picture they use is also fantastic. This is journalism at its best.

Taste and Toast of Tower

Kendall and I decided to venture out to the Taste and Toast of Tower event last night, here are our stories:

One of the stangest places for wine tasting was the International Furniture Store (Yes, they have leather). They had two tasting stations set up and a long line snaked thru the store. The first taste was decent, however unmemorable cabernet (mabye?). As we were standing in line for the second taste however, our patience began to wear thin. The one man that was pouring was really going thru the pitch as thoroughly as he possibly could and the tasters seemed completely oblivious to the long line of tasters waiting for their turn, our impatience growing with each irritating second. A rather high pitched bell rang each time someone came or went from the store, which was particularly brutal when it got stuck and rang continously for several minutes (ok probably only 7 seconds or so but my patience was really low at this point. I just wanted some friggin wine!). A group of 4 tasted every wine selection and happily listened to the man pouring give the history, discuss the flavor and talk about all the other typical wine chatter for each bottle. As we sloooowly progrssed to the front we thought our saving grace would be the cheese and cracker platter we were approaching. As Kendall and I grab some cheese, I notice that something is amiss but am unable to put my finger on it. Then Kendall being the brilliant cheese connoisseur that she is, identifies the unnaturally orange substance as Kraft American cheese slices, cut into fours. Finally making it to the wine, we took a quick swig and walked away. This is how it is done people. You are at an International Furniture store that has a life size ceramic dalmation dog and is serving Kraft American cheese slices, this is clearly not Napa Valley, keep it movin!

Besides the Kraft American cheese fiasco, most of the other restaraunts offered some great food. Typhoon had pad thai (or pad tay which is apparantly from Tayland - we actually overheard someone pronounce it pad tay) and some apple peanut thing, a potato chip with a spicy sauce and a tea. I believe this is the best food we had all night although Veni's also had a nice little spicy pulled pork taco that was also pretty good.

Besides the food and the wine it was also fun running into people; John Mayer- So are you gay because you were wearing a pink shirt and talked sort of fem (Yes Adam, I took away some man points for the pink shirt)-just wondering; Wally-you are an anomaly with your unibrow and lack of those typical good looks but you are still most adorable and and sigh inducing; boy wonder, hard to get a word in with you but I hope you enjoyed your shot of patron you crazy animal.

We got a bit of a late start so several places ran out of wine (boo hiss) but it was an enjoyable and entertaining time. And cheers to the Tower Theater ball finally being lit up:)

Wednesday, May 9

Person of the Week (5 days late)

I have been busy at work and forgetful and unwilling to get online at home lately so I missed my person of the week last Friday. This one comes to me via Miss Kendall Kelly. It involves an old lady, a marathon runner, and a criminal getting busted. A week after running the Boston marathon at the ripe old age of 70 Judy Brenner chased down and caught 18 year old Curtis Smith who had stolen whiskey from the liquor store where she works. Curtis definitely lost a lot of man points in that incident! Ouch.


Bravo Judy!

(By the way, not all my persons of the week will be old or runners. It has just worked out that way so far)