Monday, June 30

Although her body is smokin hot, I have a really hard time feeling comfortable looking at Selma Blair in this outfit. I am convinced that one cannot wear something this form fitting without a camel toe making an appearance and that is something I just dont want to see, much like I dont want to see the 60 old lady in the gym stretching with her legs over her head in spandex. It is disgusting.

I have seen a couple of celebrities lately wearing these cat suits lately and I am not a fan. You would have to take the whole thing off to use the bathroom and if it isnt a camel toe you need to worry about, its a wedgie. And I dont think anyone with even the slightest ass could not wear this without being mistaken for a prostitute.

Thumbs down for me, save the cat suit for Halloween.

Save the Date

After repeated requests I have finally gotten on the ball and reserved the cabin for the last weekend in July, which will be the 26th and 27th. I figure that we can go up Saturday and come home Sunday. More details to follow but I wanted to make sure that date worked for most people and that no one made any other plans. So, how does that sound?

Friday, June 27

I really don't have anything interesting or amusing to say so this will be a random musings post:

-I tried the new ice cream shop in Tower on Wednesday, I believe it is called Scoops. It is very kitschy and also somewhat queer so I liked it immediately. Unfortunately the Superior Dairy ice cream was not available because that side of the freezer had gone out so I had to settle for Foster Farms. I had cookies n' cream, which is a favorite of mine because in order for ice cream to be good, you have to be able to mine for something. Just plain ice cream without a chunk of something to dig for is not acceptable to me. The ice cream was good but I have heard so much about Superior Dairy that I was dissapointed I wasn't able to try it. I will go back to try that later.
-I also was handed a flier on my way there about going vegetarian. Now I respect vegeterians for the moral stance they take. I am sure if I thought about where every piece of meat I eat has come from and the animals that die in unpleasant ways for me, I would have a hard time swallowing. As it is though I don't think about it and thus enjoy how tasty it is. Back to the flier, it was informative and wasn't one of those in your face animal murderer campaigns but it did make me chuckle. They put pictures of animal cartoons on it and the pig is saying "We love you" and the chicken is saying "we pray for you" which struck me funny for some reason. I didn't know chickens prayed for me or that pigs loved me but it was the chickens praying that tickled me. I just kept picturing a chicken walking around, doing the head bob thing and saying "brock,are you there god, brock brock, its me chicken, brock,please help people, brock brock, not to eat me, brock brock!" I know, I am twisted.
-In case you haven't noticed, I am now posting a daily quote on the upper right side of my blog. No reason really just thought I would.

That is all.

Wednesday, June 25

I got a new keyboard with a "g" that actually works, hot damn. It is also very quiet and also ergonomic, holla.

Tuesday, June 24

Go! USA! Go!

Excited about the Olympics? Learn the official cheer here (panda suit optional):

Step one: Clap twice while shouting, "Olympics!"

Step two: Extend your arms forward, make fists with your thumbs up, and shout, "go!"

Step three: Clap twice while shouting the name of your favored country.

Step four: Extend your arms upwards, fists clenched, while shouting, "go!"

I love asians.

Word of the Day: Discontent

“What makes us discontented with our condition is the absurdly exaggerated idea we have of the happiness of others.”

"Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure." --Thomas Edison

"We are never more discontented with others than when we are discontented with ourselves.” -- Henri Frederic Amiel

“To be completely woman you need a master, and in him a compass for your life. You need a man you can look up to and respect. If you dethrone him it's no wonder that you are discontented, and discontented women are not loved for long.” -- Marlene Dietrich

“Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better.” -- Florence Nightingale

Just whats on my mind lately.

Monday, June 23


Last night we had to put one of the family dogs to sleep. Ginger had suffered from infrequent seizures that we thought were under control after putting her on medication but this weekend they overcame her. She had 18 in one day and was suffering when my parents took her to the emergency vet. They induced a coma to calm her down overnight and when they woke her from the coma she went right into seizing again which means that it is most likely she had a brain tumor of some kind. Not wanting her to suffer anymore the decision was made to put her to sleep.

Ginger was our goofy dog that always greeted you with more enthusiasm than anyone ever deserved. Even when it had been a few months since I saw her, she would always bark frantically and excitidly when I came home. Her high pitched bark was literally painful to your ears but you couldnt be mad at anything that could get so excited to see you. Thats what I will miss most, her always trying to "talk" to you

Ironically I am reading the book The Art of Racing in the Rain right now, which is a book written in the perspective of a dog who is about to be put to sleep. I will need a box of kleenex to get through it I am sure.

Anyway, it is a sad day.

Friday, June 20

Turns out, I am just highly evolved. My snide remarks help me make friends. Sweet.

Wednesday, June 18

Things That I love /Things That I Hate Today

Hot Weather
Finding a sealed plastic bag of condoms and flavored lube on my stairs this morning
Iced green tea, yum!
This story about one of Michael Vick's dogs
My co-worker giving me a handful of Peanut M&M's
This report saying that the cost of womens clothing has gone down 5% over this past year
Sore muscles from yesterdays workout
Fresh fruit

Getting dirt all up in my shoes at a jobsite this morning
The head of my peacock being really, really itchy
Finding a pair of shoes I looove but not having them in my size
"I just hope gods wrath wont fall down in this city while I am here" - said by a tourist in California about gays being able to marry
Needing gas and knowing it will cost $100
Black ants moving into my office
Co-worker telling me everything she got at the grocery store last night

Monday, June 16

I Am A Nerd

I have a confession. I absolutely love PowerPoint. I could put together PowerPoint presentations for hours on end and be absolutely content and happy.
The reason I bring this up is my dad asked me if I knew PowerPoint because he was thinking about using it in some of his presentations and he wasn't even aware that we already had that program on our computers err, I mean our machines. That would make work a little more interesting for me. Maybe I can also convinvce him that he needs a blog....

Friday, June 13

While I was getting my tattoo I have a very fuzzy memory of Adam talking sarcastically about getting tats of superheroes. I have no idea who Adam was talking about or why that even came up but apparantly someone has already had that incredibly brilliant idea:

All I can say is wow.

Also I didnt realize Tigger was a superhero. I guess he can bounce pretty well though so maybe thats his power?


Thursday, June 12

"Are You Nuts?"

Here is video of my mom reacting for the first time to a picture of my tattoo. I have been wearing dresses so I havent been able to show them the actual tattoo yet. It is a classic mom reaction, note the deer in the headlights look she gives me. Unfortunately the video on my phone cuts off after 30 seconds but you get the idea.

My dad still doesnt know but I think this may be a win for me under Operation Parents Flip Their Shit.

Transcript of convo for those who dont have sound:

Me: Go look at my computer screen, see if it is something you recognize
Mom: Thats not you?
Me: That is me!
Mom: You did that?
Me: I did that.
Mom: You have that on your body?
Me: That is on me.
Mom: Are you nuts?
Me: No
Mom: Why did you do that?
Me: Its beautiful!
Mom:Yeah but are you going to want that when you are 85 years old?

This is where the video stops but she continued to say I dont understand why you would want to have that - I just dont get it - Does your sister know? etc. etc.
I cant stop playing with this.

Tuesday, June 10

Stuff I Found While Working Today

Kermit Shirt:)

Catapaults. Also comes in baby toss, boss toss and love gun.

Frozen Smiles - Denture Ice Cube Trays

Pick your nose party cups.

Tattoo Pics

Meet my new addition!

I am not going to lie, it hurt like hell. The last hour was excruciating. I think Adam is going to post the pictures of my pain progression which is pretty funny so check his blog out as well.

It took almost 4 hours and Monica did an amazing job. I love the placement and the colors and the detail is beautiful. We aren't quite done yet though. I am going back July 8th for about a half an hour to add more white, darken the flower, darken the yellow, touch up my sun and add some more detail. Then it will be absolutely perfect. I love, love, love, love it though, the pain was definitely worth it (thank you Mike for reminding me of that when I was squeezing the crap out of your fingers and trying to remember to breathe).

I need to go shopping now to find clothes that will show this work of art off!

Thank you everyone for being there (in person or via phone/text message), I sincerley appreciated it and it made the experience much more enjoyable!

Monday, June 9

Reading Reccomendation

I have said this before but David Sedaris is my favorite author. His stories are brilliant, hilarious, and inappropriate, pretty much everything I am looking for in both a book and now that I think about it, a man. Of course Sedaris is gay so the man search continues but the book search need not. He has several collections of short stories including Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Naked, Me Talk Pretty One Day all of which I highly reccomend and his newest collection When You Are Engulfed in Flames is now available as well.

He writes about his life, his southern family and is almost uncomfortably honest about his experiences, whether that be his drug addiction, his family, traveling and living overseas, getting boils on his ass - whatever the subject he makes it funny and relatable. All of those thoughts or phobias that you have that you dare not say outloud for fear of being looked at strangely he not only says out loud but puts in writing.

The clip below is of a reading called "Bend Over and say Ah" which is about his experience with the health care system in Paris while not being fluent in French. He might take some getting into but once you do, he is hard to dislike.

How do you like about that now?

The Big Day is Here!

I woke up excited this morning like it was Christmas because I am getting my lovely peacock today! I am thinking I might want it bigger now too, so we will see what it looks like when I get to see the stencil on my skin.

Just a reminder I will be there at least from 4:30 to 8:00 so feel free to stop by, entertain me, watch me cringe or bring me a snack or cold beverage, just please dont make me laugh.

Friday, June 6

At least one of the dice riff raff needs to get on Fail Blog. I nominate Adam.

Thursday, June 5

You Know Whats Awesome..

...when your mom is talking about a single girl who is in her 30s and has a dog and makes the comment that the dog will probably be the only child that she will have. Whats even more awesome is when I respond, "shesh, thats rude. Give me a couple more years and you can say the same thing about me" and your dad in the background goes, "she already does".

Operation Parents Flip their Shit is back on.

Wednesday, June 4

Ahh Change

Adam changing his blog put the thought it my head that I haven't changed mine in awhile so I copied him and changed mine up as well. The colors are obviously inspired by my tattoo that I am very very excited to be getting on Monday:) Please to enjoy.

Fresno Politics

This is how Hilary should start campaigning. And yes that is the back of Henry Pereas head. I was driving on Divisedero and ended up behind him. He was waving at people walking by including someone who was standing outside a funeral home, it was hilarious.

Tuesday, June 3

The Hurt Feelings Report

I went to a jobsite meeting tody and saw this posted on the wall of our superintendents office:

I was going to complain but didn't want to fill out the form. Naturally anyone who "whines" is either gay or hormonal though and it took a "real man" to explain that to me.

Run SF

For my birthday this year I am going to go to San Francisco to run a half marathon with my friends Melissa and Brenda. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to run 13.1 miles and wanted to challenge yourself, now is your chance! I have actually never trained with anyone but this will be my 5th half marathon so I can happily offer some advice and/or help with training. People walk this too so you can even do that.

The course goes over the Golden Gate Bridge, through the Marina, past Fishermans Wharf and ends at Golden Gate Park. The views and the weather should be spectacular and it starts at 5:15AM so you will be done early and have the whole day ahead of you to hang out in SF!

Or if running isnt your thing you can always just come for the weekend to hang out, shop, visit museums and have fun. I will be staying from Saturday to Monday so Sunday night will be the celebratory finishing/birthday dinner and drinks.

C'mon, challenge yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone, you just might enjoy it:)