Tuesday, July 31

Running Revisted

I have been re-thinking my approach to fitness lately and even though I have loved running in the past, I believe it is time to take a break from it. I have always known that long distance running can have negative health effects but I have brushed that aside because I also got a great deal of mental benefits from running. It has been a good stress reliver and there is something about spacing out and day dreaming while listening to my ipod that is just good for my soul (I say, tongue in cheek). I talked to my trainer about my running several months ago and she warned that if I do a lot of long distance running and aren't vigilent about my diet and getting plenty of rest etc., it can have a negative effect. That was about 2 weeks before the anemia kicked in. The period of time before my marathon and several months after I never felt very healthy. I was exhuasted all of the time, I felt weak, and I kept getting sick. Before my trip to Europe I decided that I would take a break from running since I wouldn't be able to run over there anyway, and pick it back up in August to start training for a fall marathon. Well in the past few months that I haven't been running I have felt a lot better physically. I am not as tired, I have more energy and I feel stronger (plus the dark circles are starting to go away so 5 people a day arent commenting that I look really tired). I know that part of the problem with the anemia was my diet wasn't supplying my body with enough iron, but even with efforts to change that it didnt make a big enough difference. I was also unable to weight train as much because when I did leg work, my legs were tired the next day and I wouldn't run as well. Right now I am doing 45 minutes of weights or exercises that incorporate squats/lunges or the medicine ball and 30-45 minutes cardio on the bike, eliptical, or walking on an incline uphill almost everyday and despite working out more than I did when I was running, I am not experiencing any knee or hip problems that I was before and I have more energy. I also see my strength improving and muscles developing where there used to only be scrawny and I like the way it looks. I also feel I can be less stringent on my diet so although I am still keeping it healthy, I don't have to scrutinize the carbs and the protien like I have had to do in the past (although I still need more protien). The bottom line is I feel and look better now than I did as a runner. I still think I would like to run the Fresno marathon next year, but I may hang it up after that. Besides I can still get my mental breaks from walking around the neighborhood with my ipod and I won't be limping afterwards.

Two Things...

It's baaack. My replacement phone came in the mail yesterday so you can now start using that number again. Unfortunately all of the voicemails you left me will go unlistened to.

Second, the combination of a vanilla latte and a Chocolate Almond Fudge Cliff Bar tastes like charcoal. You have been warned.

Monday, July 30


Sunday is my birthday, woo hoo the big 2-7. For those who are going to be in town I think I might see if people would be interested in getting some thai food and having some drinks on Saturday night. Let me know if you are going to be around!

Friday, July 27

Safety Dance

This is one of my favorite music videos of all time. I have been working on our safety program and I started singing this song, truly a comedy gem. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcOZ6xFxJqg

The Phone Fiasco Finally Coming To An End?

I have been hoping for over a month now that my phone would be waiting for me in my mailbox one of these days, missing me as much as I have missed him, however I have accepted the fact that that outcome was not to be. I am curious as to where exactly it is at this particular moment, the bottom of someones desk drawer perhaps, circling the globe in a bin of international mail, sitting in my mailbox at this very moment (this is probably the most likely scenario) - I don't know but after a month of using my Zach Morris phone with the shark screensaver it is time I move on. I cancelled my phone Wednesday and thanks to Mike for getting me the make and model of my phone, a replacement refurbished phone should be delivered (in the mail naturally) to me Monday or Tuesday of next week. Of course this did not come with complications. After going through the automated service and while waiting to talk to a customer service rep, the line disconnected and I had to go thru the process again (this also resulted in my saying "you have to be fucking kidding me" loudly in the office - oops). They are also charging me $50 to replace it, even though I have insurance on my phone that I pay 10 bucks monthly for. Their website states "A $50 non-refundable deductible per approved insurance replacement applies". So what exactly is my insurance covering then if I have to pay $50 for a replacement phone that isn't even new but refurbished? I think Apple and AT&T have the same customer service plan.
On a brighter note I no longer have to be embarassed when using my phone in a public place, I can proudly accept calls, have a musical ring, and check the time without pulling that monstrosity out of my purse. I am not putting this all to rest yet though, I still have to get the phone next week. At least this time I have a tracking number.

Thursday, July 26

New Zach Galifianakis Video

It took me awhile to download this and then the sound wasn't working on the computer I was using so I could watch it but couldn't hear it. Despite that fact it still looked pretty funny and Zach Galifianakis is hilarious so hopefully you all can enjoy this more than I was able to. Let me know if it is funny!

Wednesday, July 25

Forget the black hood and the scythe, the grim reaper is a cute furry cat...much creepier

So I found this article and I thought it was interesting. Apparantly there is a cat named Oscar who lives in a nursing home in Rhode Island that predicts the death of patients. It seems that Oscar will curl up next to patients and in at least 25 cases, those patients will pass away. Other than those instances of death, Oscar is aloof and not friendly with people. Obviously not a scientific study, but who knew the grim reaper was so cute.

Wednesday, July 18


Someone egged my truck last night. I didnt notice it this morning because it is on the passenger side of the truck but I noticed coming back from lunch today. As if that truck hasnt gone through enough already. I don't think I have pissed anyone off lately so I believe I fell victim to a random act of egging (damn Tower rats). I also dont have time to get it washed today because I am going to the gym after work and then race home because I am meeting a friend for dinner. I heard eggs can really f-up paint jobs so I wonder how long I have until it is a permanant egg stain.

Phil Hansen Art

I came across this guy in this Yahoo article and thought he had some very interesting techniques and really cool pieces of art that I was fascinated by. According to the article his breakthrough piece was a time-lapse video of a two-day project called "Influences." where he painted 30 pictures on his own chest, one over the other, with each picture representing an influence in his life. When he was done, he peeled the quarter-inch thick layer of paint from his skin and cut out a silhouette of his own profile. The video was streamed more than a million times on the Web — a cyber art phenomenon in which both process and final piece were revealed. He also did a portrait of Kim Jong Il using 500 cc's of his own blood. Check out those sites for the rest of his work, it is worth a look.

Wii me!

Wii has some new accessories (coming out around Christmas probably) to go with the remote and nunchuck that look pretty bad ass. Check the article out here.

Friday, July 13

keeping the lumber industry alive

Where all the paper in the world comes to die, Tennesse's office. What you cant see is the floor, which is covered in paper except for a walkway down the middle. If you also notice the file cabinet in the back, it is completely empty. It drives me crazy.


One of our subcontractors brought his puppy Diesel into the office today. He is an Anatolian Shepherd and unbelievably only 5 months old. Currently he weighs 80 pounds but will probably get to about 175. Normally adults will reach about 150 in this breed but this guy is a monster.

Something is different...

So as is the case in all areas of my life (jobs, places I live, hair color, furniture arrangement etc.) I needed a change. Notice I added links to your blogs and the time of the post is now listed. Please to enjoy my new blog template!

Work Update

So I have posted many a time about my frustrations at work (if I could remember to label my posts more than 5% of the time you could all read all about it). This week things have taken a change for the better in the form of increased responsibility and a slight (cost of living) raise - and no that is not cleverly disguised nepotism, everyone got a raise. I get very bored doing the same things at work everyday so when I am given projects (like remodeling the new office)I am much happier. Work has been a little slow for me lately so any extra project is greatly appreciated. The company picnic is next weekend and I am in charge of planning it. I actually think I will probably have more fun planning it than I will attending it. I just have nothing in common (besides a bloodline) with anyone at work. I am by far the youngest - the closest person to my age is 30 and he has 5 kids. I am also horrible at small talk, I can never think of a thing to say. Maybe I should incorporate some drinking games or beerpong, that might help.
Also I attended a OSHA seminar yesterday on heat illness prevention so now I need to create a training program (hey what do you know I am using my degree) and train my supers on what the requirements are. Most of it is common sense but as with all things that involve the government some of it is also completely asinine. Take for example the shade rule. You have to provide shade for your employees, but they are strict as to what constitutes shade. It has to be provided by something that is directly overhead so the shade created from the side of a building or a big truck does not count. The minimum fine for even a minor infraction is $18,000 and can go up to $85,000. Yikes. In addition to heat illness prevention the boss man has given all OSHA compliance to me. Yup, I am the safety officer of Mark Wilson Construction. I asked if I could get a badge but was turned down. I think I might make my own. All kidding aside this is an important responsibility as keeping the IIPP updated and training the employees is often a full time position in a lot of organizations. I have to o through 80 hours of training myself. Sure it is somewhat tedious but my masters is in training and development so it is something I enjoy doing.
Finally I am also in charge of getting our website up and running after a 4 year hiatus. Yes it is true we don't have a functional website. After a lot of arguing with my dad to convince him that despite the fact that I have a masters it doesn't mean I know how to build a website, I am going to a company out of Visalia specializes in just that. A lot less work for me but I am writing all of the content and getting pictures taken from all of our old jobsites. I will send you all a link when it is up and running again.
I think thats it on the work front. Thinking of drivin to Ikea tomorrow and getting some stuff for the apartment.I haven't taken a road trip in awhile and it might be nice to go for a drive and get new stuff.

Thursday, July 12

Firing Customers?

I just read this article about Sprint sending letters to 1,000 customers informing them they were being "let go" because Sprint could not meet their needs due to these customers numerous complaints. I thought this was an interesting customer service strategy. Sprint apparently has a reputation of having poor customer service (what cell phone company has a good customer service reputation though really) however I think they may have the right idea. What is probably most frustrating about cell phone companies is their air tight contracts that you get stuck in without any hope of getting out of unless you are willing to fork over some dough. A customers only option really is to complain - which gets them nowhere. Clearly these are unhappy customers who are probably frustrated by being stuck in a contract anyway and may be happy to be able to find service elsewhere. Sprint is also paying the balance of their bill and are waiving the early termination fee. Sounds like a case of the squeaky wheel getting the oil to me. Sprint should probably work on their customer service so they don't have these unhappy customers in the first place but we all know people who feel the need to complain about everything and are never happy with anything.I wouldn't want to deal with them either. I have always had a problem with the customer is always right philosophy because customers are just assholes sometimes and having worked in customer service I was annoyed when the person who bitched - regardless of how outlandish- got what he/she wanted just to shut them up. Sure word of mouth can come back to haunt you but I think in this particular case, Sprint is doing both themselves and their cutomers a favor with this policy.

TO CAP or not to cap...this is my question

So I have thought this a few times and maybe I am an idiot and just don't realize that you can do this, but why in Word can you not change capital letters to lower case letters (or visa versa) without havinbg to erase it and start the word or sentence over. This is more of a work related annoyance because sometimes I will have everything in caps and then decide it doesnt look right and want to change it but then I would have to do the whole thing over again. It seems like a feature that could be created. You hip people with your Apple products are probably able to do this already. Damn you Bill Gates.

Monday, July 9


My truck is once again in the shop. Seems it is time to get a new vehicle, but I wanted to wait until the fall to do so and was hoping to get through the summer. No word on the exact problem, but it is some kind of electrical issue.

This actually isn't what I am annoyed with. I can't change the fact that it isn't working, I just have to accept it and get it fixed. What I am annoyed with is my Dad. I was talking with him about how to get the truck to the shop and he used the word "morass" and I asked him what that meant and he laughs and tells me I should have gotten a discount on my degree. I was pissed. Anytime I don't know a word or how to do something or how to spell something he always makes the comment in one form or the other that implies that I should know more for having a masters degree. I once again reminded him that my degrees in communication do not make me an expert at everything (including building websites which I should apparently know how to do too since I use the internet)and that he doesn't need to insult my intelligence if I don't know the definition to a word that is somewhat obscure in the first place. He started talking about how politicians use that word but I didn't let him finish because he wasn't going to address the reason I was pissed and would have just kept the "joke" going.
Perhaps I am a little sensitive but I have always felt that my parents were somewhat dissapointed in the fact that I didn't finish my PhD so comments like that sting me. When I did decide to not return to school it was a really difficult decision for me. I don't like to quit and I didn't want people to think that I couldn't hack it. When it came down to it though I was miserable and unhappy in that enviornment and people can think whatever they want about my reasons for not finishing. I haven't second guessed that decision and have been considerably happier (despite the work grumblings)since then and I know it was the right choice. I definitely get my guard up though when my intelligence is called into question. My parents also believe (especially my mom) that I should get my life figured out already and she is frustrated with my choices. Well unfortunately life isn't simple and I don't want to have a life or a career that is mediocre so that is going to take some time. Apparently this concept is difficult to embrace from my Mom who has never had a career goal. Raising children was what she wanted to do and she did a great job but having kids has never been something I just can't wait to do. Perhaps someday but I am not going to look for fullfillment in my womb.

Maybe I should rename this post to "Dear Mom and Dad"...

Thursday, July 5

I apoloize but I couldn't resist...

I realize that Britney Spears is not a worthy topic for posting and I will receive a lot of eye rolls and groans from most of you who read my post (yes, all 2-4 of you)but since most of you probably don't follow the goings on in Hollywood (or at least try to pretend you don't) you are missing out on how truly crazy Britney Spears has become. The following is a qoute from her website in which she states the following in regard to the incident when she attacked the paparazzi with an umbrella soon after shaving her head:

"I apologize to the pap for a stunt that was done 4 months ago regarding an umbrella. I was preparing my character for a roll in a movie where the husband never plays his part so they switch places accidentally. I take all my rolls very seriously and got a little carried away. Unfortunately I didn't get the part."

What the fuck? I don't even know where to begin with this. First, were this true it sure has taken quite awhile for her to let it be known. Personally if I was made out to be a crazy whack job I would defend myself soon after the incident and not wait 4 months down the road to mention it. Second, how do you switch places "accidently". Is that like Freaky Friday or something? I know she isn't the brightest girl but a more sensical explantion of this supposed movie might have helped her case. Third, what are all of these "rolls" she speaks of? Is she talking about rolls of fat perhaps, maybe dinner rolls or is she referring to movie roles and in that case have there been any other movies she has been in besides Crossroads? Fourth, "Unfortunately I didn't get the part". Yes, it is awfully difficult to land a part in a movie that you have conjured up in your imagination.

I think it should also be known that I am exceedingly bored at the moment as work is incredibly slow so I have a lot of time to read up on ridiculous things. Ridiculously entertaining things that is;) Well if Heather reads my blog perhaps she will appreciate it. I suspect you all will too but admiting it may be the problem...

Good Times

A big thank you to Adam and E for stepping up and hosting the 4th of July get together yesterday. The food was delicious and everyone had a good time, so thank you for getting us out of the heat and for entertaining us.

Good luck today at your show Adam, I can't wait to see all of your work and remember I have dibs on your artist statement!

Finally, the pool party at the Wilson residence on Saturday appears to still be on. I will probably get there late morning/early afternoon and you are all welcome at anytime and since there will be drinking, people are welcome to crash there so they don't have to drive home. Bring your own towels because I am not sure how many we have and since we will have access to a good grill, lets grill up some tri tip or kabobs or something like that. Oh yes and wear sunscreen so you dont eat up looking like a beefeater like me. Human skin was not meant to be as pink as mine is right now.

Monday, July 2

4th of July

With the 4th of July fast approaching and previous conversations suggesting we find a place with a pool and/or air conditioning, I can offer both. My parents are going to be in Shaver Tuesday thru Thursday and said it was cool if we wanted to hang out at their house for the 4th. My dad has a kick ass BBQ and we can hang out at the pool all day. It is a good place for a party and I would love to host so if nothing else has come up since we last talked about it, let me know if you think you would be interested.