Thursday, July 31

I am a mess

I have been a complete disatser all day and naturally that would happen on the day I have a pre construction meeting to go to.

I woke up really sick to my stomach and dizzy. I know I had a few drinks last night but there were no shots or anything, I should have been good. When I had to lay down twice during the process of getting ready though it wasn't a good sign, particularly because I needed to be at work a few minutes early to get something together for my dad. So I pulled my hair up in some semblance of a pony tail, threw on my blue dress and flats which I thought would be comfortable but really just doesnt look professional and went to work.

I put together what I needed to in a bit of a haze and promptly went to the bathroom and made myself throw up. I felt good after that but I cant even remember the last time I threw up so I dont know why I was so hungover.

I felt progressively better as the morning went on and went to an Architects office in the work truck which has no AC. This is a small price to pay because that is gas I am not paying for. I had to naturally drive with my windows down and that was murder on my already pathetic hair. And when I was walking back to the office I stepped in mud in open toed flat shoes and now am sporting some muddy shoes and toes.

When I got back to the office my dad tells me he wants me to go to the pre-construction meeting this afternoon. My hair looks like Nick Noltes mug shot hair, I have muddy shoes, I am dishelved, I look tired and I havent showered. What a great time for me to make a first impression!

Off I go, weee!

Wednesday, July 30

Project Runway Episode 3

In this episode the contestants took a bus ride through rainy New York and were given cameras to take pictures of things that inspire them. Later they would chose a picture that they took and use it to create an outfit around.

Meanwhile Suede continues to refer to himself in the 3rd person, augh.

Rocker chick (stella) continues her bitching and complaining about nearly everything in her irritating accent. She is also putting a lot of time into her I am rock n roll campaign 08, announcing how rock n roll she is at every opportunity. I can't help but think that she looks like she smells. I also think someone should tell her that jet black hair in your 40's ages you no matter how rock n roll you are.

The two plain girls I can't seem to keep straight. They both incite me to long bouts of yawning and look like they were supposed to be getting a makeover on What Not To Wear but somehow wandered into the wrong studio. One of them gets inspired by a clock becayse NY is the city that never sleeps. Well thats creative. Is she Mormon? Maybe Amish.

Well it turns out Keith is the Mormon of the group and they surely wouldnt have two Mormons so that answered that question. Keith talks about how he is from Utah and how it was hard being gay in that enviornment. I think it is the bandana tied around his forehead that is the real problem though.

Once they began to work, Stella once again decided to announce she is rock n roll as she hammers away at some metal stud leather mess she was creating, irritating everyone. We get it Stella, you are so rock n roll. When she inevitably gets kicked off the show for being one dimensional though, at least she can get a job as the Ramones stylist.
She came up with this little number:

It is a distinct look, but a vest and tight pants that lace up, really? I think rockers have been wearing that very same outfit since the 60's, not exactly creative or risky but it is what she does best and she wanted to showcase that for the judges so ok but I really hope she has a little more diversity in her looks.

After hours of stressed out working they were finally able to take it to the runway and to guest judge Sandra Bernhard -- wtf? I never considered her a fashion icon myself, maybe she is just there as a gay icon or maybe it is a NY thing but I found it odd she was a guest judge. Kind of like Jaclyn Smith hosting Shear Genius.

Anyway after they all sashayed down the runway, the field was cut in half as the middle of the roaders left the runway and the judges got down to what they do best, criticising. I was a little suprised with some of the praise they gave out though. This looks the judges raved about but I couldnt understand why:

My favorite this week was the work of one of the boring (although less so than the other) Leanne:

The picture again doesnt really give it justice but it was very well executed and I liked to contrast and lines.
The judges decided Kiley was the winner this week:

I like this look as well. I am not a fan of tulle but she uses it well, the colors are great and it's cute. I could see a Gwen Steffani type wearing this and pulling it off. I however would look like a Golden Girl.

And finally Emily was given the boot because of this little number:

Tim tried to warn her but to no avail. Not only does this look like an outfit that a prostitute trying to emulate Carrie Bradshaw would wear but it is also not very creative or interesting.

Stay tuned for next weeks recap.

Nike Soccer Commercial

Since I have been all about posting the videos lately, why not post another. This is a Nike commercial I saw recently that I really liked. It isn't your typical commercial because you take the pont of view of a player which I thought gave it a fresh and interesting perspective. You almost feel like you are there and playing. There is also some nice eye candy as well, which can never hurt.

Tuesday, July 29

Dramatic Lemur

Talked about this, thought I would post it.

Monday, July 28

The cabin weekend round up

The gang and I went up to my cabin at Shaver Lake this weekend and fun was had by all. There was A LOT of intoxication which resulted in me deciding to write down a list of all the funny (at least at the time) things that we said throughout the weekend. Here is the list:

Day 1:
"That feels weird on my tummy" (re: hermaphrodite sex)

"But it's POOPuri!"

Brians Indian Name: Shit streak Clumbsy Bear

(Ed is falling over)"Slurry McStumble"

"I bet Mike can do Yogi Bear"

"Cause its HIS vagina!"

"No Grandpa, thats glaucoma"

Kasey:You smoked my pussy weed too
Adam: Mmmmm?

Day 2:
Me: Whats cushy?
Brian: My hoodie

"I'm stoo toned to talk"(I seriously was)

Ed is poking Adam with his marshmellow stick

"Only if I am gonna maul a gay"

"Obi Wan is in the kitchen"

Me: Mushmarlow

Brain: More pushin for the cushion

"The whites of your eyes are as pink as your cheeks"

"I'm gargasmell and I'm gonna fart on you!"

Ahh, good times. Next are a few photos I took on my phone:

This is a random cat with its paw stuck in some sort of lid that was near a cabin we found while geogaching.

Adam standing in a sea of ferns. If you look at this pic larger, Adam looks like a crazy mountain man holding a gun that I snuck up on.

This is the fire pit we sat around. If you look at this pic big and look in the upper left hand corner you can see Adam again looking rather creepy.

This is is Shaver Lake, we stopped to give our respects on before we left. Isn't all the smoke beautiful?

So there you have it. If you couldnt be there, this is the next best thing.
My mom mentioned this to me today and I thought I would share. Clovis Town Center is showing all of their movies, day, night, student or otherwise for 3 bucks. My first thought was they are probably playing really crappy or old movies but today they have Sex in the City, Iron Man, Indiana Jones etc. so they arent that old or that crappy really. So if you like to go to watch movies it might save you a few bucks.

Thursday, July 24

Do not watch this unless you have sound, it wont be nearly as funny.
Alright let's get this ball rolling and discuss the specifics about the weekend. Several us chatted last night so here is the summary:

-Attending: Ed, Heather, Brian, Adam, Abigail, me, maybe Mike
-We leave no later than noon on Saturday, I am shooting for meeting up at 11:30 say at Ed & Heathers
-Come back whenever on Sunday but I would like to be home no later than 6 personally
-Ed and Brian will drive since they do not have gas guzzlers
-If you have an ipod, bring it
-Brian is going to bring his meat and also something to grill
-I am going to bring the mixers, 7-Up and Diet Pepsi (also bottled water) any other requests?
-We will need some sandwich fixings, chips, snacks, side dishes for Brians meat, and some saugage for breakfast? (I have eggs)
-Bring your own alcohol
-We will need charcoal for the grill
-Bring your swimsuit and a beach towel
-Bring some dice, we have a full poker set and some cups
-Plastic cups, I have plastic silverware
-A couple of you should bring pillows because there probably isnt enough for everyone

Umm I cant think of anything else right now. So what is everyone bringing and what did I miss discussing?

Project Runway Episode 2 Recap

In this episode, the designers had to make an eco friendly cocktail look with a twist-the models had to shop for the fabrics and materials with no input from the designers. Models may wear pretty clothes all day but they dont know much when it comes to design so this was definitely a challenge for the designers (and they bitched and moaned about it the entire time).

The winner was Suede, who likes to talk about himself in the third person to the annoyance of everyone.

I was personally not a big fan of this look, but thats because I just dont like the taffeta crap thats going on on the bottom. He did a good job of blending the fabrics together on top but I would never in a million years wear that. Instead of getting immunity this episode, the winner has their design up for sale on Bluefly which is pretty sweet.

My personal favorite was Terri's dress, which is much more my style.

The picture really doesnt do it justice but I liked the color and the neckline a lot. It was well done but I can see how it wouldnt stand out to the judges.

The loser of the episode was Wesley who created this little number:

Yeah, not so great. Of course the fabric he had to work with was not great and he probably didnt have enough of it but another designer had the same fabric and she got by alright.

At this point it is too early to tell who stands out or who is consistently strong. This was a difficult challenge since they had no control of their fabrics selection and since for the first challenge they had to shop for their fabrics at a grocery store, I look forward to when they have a more reasonable challenge to see what they can really do.

Wednesday, July 23

R.I.P. Estelle Getty

Madison beat me to posting this, but sadly yesterday Estelle Getty passed away. Estelle is best known for her role of Sophia Petrillo, the wise cracking, fiesty mother on the Golden Girls. If you have been to my apartment you may have noticed my obsession with that show as I have the entire series on dvd and have watched each episode many many times. Sophia was my favorite character and I plan to be as onry as her when I am an old lady.

No one could have played Sophia as well as she did and the show would have never been so successful without her. Sophia is one of the most memorable tv characters of all time but aside from her acting abilities, she was a vocal supporter of gay rights and active in fundraising for AIDS research. She retired in 2000 after revealing she was suffering from Parkinson's disease. Two years later, she announced she was suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Here are some of her more memorable quotes from that show:
(Sophia walks into the kitchen)
Dorothy : You couldn't sleep either, huh?
Sophia : No, I'm sleeping so good I thought I'd come try it in the sink.

Dorothy : Well Blanche is certainly taking her sister's novel better than I would. I would kill my sister Gloria if she ever wrote about my sex life.
Sophia : You would kill your sister over a pamphlet?

Sophia : Blanche, a terrible thing has happened to you. But when life does something like this, there are a couple of things you got to remember. You got your health, right?
Blanche : Yeah.
Sophia : You can still walk, can't you?
Blanche : That's true.
Sophia : Great, go get me a glass of water

(see pic above)
Rose : Sophia, is that a Captain Jack's Seafood Shanty uniform?
Sophia : No, Rose. I'm off to discover the Straits of Magellan. Yo ho!

Since Adam Cannot Be Bothered...

Here is my Wednesday Smile.

My favorite part of going to Monterey Bay Aquarium is always the sea otters.

Feel free to offer your own captions.
Previously Ed has mentioned there was a rumor that a British grocery chain was coming to Fresno and this appears to be true. "Fresh and Easy" (we can talk more about that name later) will be breaking ground at Tulare and R Street in Downtown Fresno, the former site of the Old Fresno Hofbrau and isn't expected to open for at least a year.

Although the story mentions that they are looking to open other locations in the central valley, they do not mention they will be opening a store in Tower and since the remodeling of the store taking the place of the Drug Fair is well under way, it is probably safe to assume that it wont be "Fresh and Easy".

I am still keeping my fingers crossed that it is going to be a Trader Joes but there is no proof of that either on their website or otherwise. It looks like they have taken the old sign down so I keep hoping the new one will go up soon but that hasn't happened yet.

And so the mystery continues...

Tuesday, July 22

Perhaps I am a little paranoid but I have had a couple of instances of people coming to my door recently that is beginning to make me uncomfortable.

First, there was a guy two weeks ago who stopped me when I was parking and asked if he could wash the windows of my truck to make a few bucks. Well my windshield was a disaster and he seemed harmless so I said ok, paid him a few bucks and he was on his way.

Now I dont open the door to anyone unless I am expecting them or they they say something so I know who they are, so when there was a knock on my door last week I didnt get it but I looked out my blinds and could see it was the same man. Ok so he obviously watched me go into my apartment but I still didnt feel terribly uncomfortable, he probably just wanted a few more bucks and thought I could help him out. He has knocked on my door another time since then as well.

Today I had a fever and stayed home but went out to get some medicine and as I was walking up to my apartment noticed a group of about 4-5 punk looking kids walking up the sidewalk. I remember one of them in particular because he was wearing these awful big red pants with zippers everywhere and a hat that had ears on it.

Anyway a few hours later someone knocks on my door. Again I dont answer but when I look out I can see its the kid with the red pants. His friends were also standing in the yard below. I cant think of a single reason he would knock on my door because he didnt knock on anyone else's and he knocked 3 times and stayed out there for a longer period of time than I would if no one answered the door.

At about 7 there was another knock, same kid without his friends this time. Again he knocked loudly three ties and stood out there for awhile and then walked down the stairs, looking back up the entire time. 45 minutes later he is back again, same thing.

This is beginning to make me very uncomfortable and part of me wants to ask what he wants but I would rather just ignore him and have him go away. I have never felt uncomfortable in my apartment until now and it just makes me uneasy because I dont have the best security system here.

Ahh the joys of living alone.

Monday, July 21

Not So Girly Post

When we start our Dice Riff Raff motorcycle gang I think we should choreograph a routine like this.

Girly Post


Any of you make up guru's out there want to try this new mascara for me?

I am intrigued but also confused by the shape of this brush, but it says its "revoluntionary" so thats got to be good, right? Cosmetic companies would never lie.
Anyway I am always looking for a good mascara and can never find anything that I really love. I am also cheap when it comes to cosmetics though so spending $27 on a product where there is no guarantee it will be worth it is just a bit too risky for me. This is probably also why I cant find a good mascara since I buy all my make up at Target.
So I think one of you girls should try it and get back to me. Go now.

I am sort of in love with the color purple right now, which is as girly a color I will go since I hate the color pink and I am lusting after these two dresses:

Um, these ads make me uncomfortable:

I am sure some people may think they are edgy but to me they are just tacky and uneccesarily provacative. A little class can go a long way, a concept obviously lost on Tom Ford and American Appareal.

Friday, July 18

When I Grow Up...

Several people around me are growing up and taking big steps into the adult world this weekend, and I will be enjoying watching from the sidelines with a cocktail.

Saturday my friend Brooke is getting married. She is my 4th friend to get married so far this year, congrats to her. Here is to hoping the food is good and no one tries to force me to dance. And since people are in town for the wedding this weekend I may be meeting up with some old high school friends tonight so I may not be seeing any of you this weekend. Try to hold it together.

I also just recieved a text from Annie (you remember her, she kicked our assess in the March Madness pool) and she gave birth to a 7 pound 15 ounce girl mere minutes ago. Her name is Reagan Emily Ramirez and both mother and daughter are doing well. Big congrats to her and her husband.

Even though a lot of my friends are at the point where they are moving on to new steps, I am feeling quite content where I am. I have always been a late bloomer anyway so it doesn't suprise me that I will probably be the last of my friends to do everything, dragging and kicking my feet as I go. I enjoy being able to do exactly what I want to do at all times without worrying about obligations. Don't get me wrong, getting married, having children and buying houses are all really exciting and great things, but I am not ready to give up my unobligated life quite yet.

Thursday, July 17

When Funny Things Happen

Sometimes funny things happen when you are the only one around to witness it. Although I know that re-telling this will not be nearly as funny as actually being there I feel the need to share.

Yesterday I was running on the treadmill at the gym when a guy about my age walks up to use the roman chair (see picture below). Normally people use this for their back but you can also use it to work your abs as shown.

Now the way the weight room is set up the cardio equipment is in the back facing the room and right in front of the treadmills is where you do ab work, which is where the roman chair was set up. It is basically a stage for anyone doing cardio to be entertained by.

So when this guy walks up there is no one but myself on the cardio equipment and there was no one in the ab area either so I was really the only one who had a good look. The guy gets on the roman chair and does his back extensions and then he flips over to do some ab work just like the guy in the picture only there is one big difference, this guy has a massive erection. I took a second look to make sure it wasn't a shadow but no, he definitely had wood.

I looked around to see if anyone was remotely near and if they had seen this but there was no one close. I didnt want someone to catch me staring at it but it was too funny to not look. It was like a groundhog poking its head up out of a hole each time he sat up. I wondered though how he didnt feel that his junk was hard, I mean I know they have a mind of their own but it is still attached to your body so how can you not know? This led me to the even more disturbing thought that in fact he did know about his hard on. Eww.

Wednesday, July 16

Technically chanlleged work annoyance number 6,238

My dad cannot be bothered with checking his own email. My mom is usually who checks his account, prints out the emails (yes ALL of his emails are to be printed out) and sends out his responses. When my mom isn't here I am responsible for doing this.

My dad is a Rotary member and is on a board of some sort there and one of his Rotary buddies sends out at 5-10 emails a day, mostly those fyi emails or here-is-what-I-am-working-on-so-I-am-going-to-fill-your-inbox-with-crap-you-don't-care-about emails. Occasionally it will be an email to solicit a response. For example, today he asked that the members vote yay or nay on something and he would send out an email with the results. Every single member, except my dad (or me actually), hit reply all so I have been getting emails all day from people saying "yay".

Frick. Frick. Frick.

It's Back!

Although Heather may be the only one who cares, the new season of Project Runway starts tonight at 9 (not 10) on Bravo.

Tuesday, July 15

I Want Some Shaved Ice

Does anyone know where I can get some Shaved Ice? I watched "How It's Made" or some show like that and they did a segment on it and it looked so freakin good. Just don't confuse shaved ice with snow cones though because they aren't the same thing and I don't like snow cones. Just thinking about crunching on ice from a snow cone makes me cringe.

Monday, July 14

Bumper Sticker of The Day

"God protect me from your followers"

Seen on the 41, the car was driving too fast for me to take a picture but it made me chuckle.

I know how he feels, I hate Mondays too - Watch more free videos

Things That I love Right Now

1. Gingerale. Sometimes I think I have an old lady soul trapped inside of me. Maybe I just watch Golden Girls too much but I love this drink and I am becoming obsessed with it. With whiskey, without, on a plane, on ice, with a squeeze of fresh it.

2. Getting up early on Sundays. Although I do miss out on Saturday night I love getting up early and getting a long run in before I would normally even wake up. Yesterday I saw hot air balloons in the distance which are always very beautiful in the early morning haze err light. I also had a super productive day after my run and cleaned my entire apartment (it took like 4 hours, it had been awhile), did laundry and got coffee and read for a few hours. I went to bed exhausted but the good exhausted where you feel accomplished.

3. Audiobooks. I used to feel like I was cheating because I am not actually doing the reading myself, but I find that I get to experience a lot more books when I listen to them. Walking around the neighborhood, at the store, while driving, on the treadmill-all places where real reading isn't possible. I still enjoy reading the old fashioned way too, but audiobooks are fantastic.

4. Self Tanning lotions. I screw up every now and then around the feet but for the most part I look tan without having to lay in the sun for hours.

5. Grapes. The red ones (the green ones have always seemed like the red headed step child of the grape family to me).

Friday, July 11

For Mike

"Hey remember when Kobe Bryant jacked that kids nachos?"

What I Hate About My Job Most

I am extremely frustrated right now and it all comes down to my dads approach to me at work. My dad has always believed in the sink or swim aproach to life. Even when I was a kid, I learned to never ask my dad for help in school work because he would never help me and it always resulted in us getting into an argument. From his perspective I should I am smart enough to figure things out on my own and therefore asking for help is an easy way out and I am using him as a crutch. I did well in school without his help but there were times when I just wanted him to sit down with him and help me figure out a problem, going to him for help was never really an option. I really feel that we would be closer if he had.

This philosophy has carried over at work. It is never, here let me show you how to do this. Usually he plops something out on my desk, I will ask what it is and he gives me some vague direction to do something I have never done before and when I ask for more information he usually smirks and says "you can figure it out".

Case in point, I am in charge of close out documents for all of the projects. This includes collecting warranties and other various documents to give to the owner at the end of the job. This is a very simplified explanation because I don't know what kind of work is involved in built up membrane roofing and the specifics of the electrical work and I am also not familiar with the language. I don't know anything about construction so often times I feel like I am working blind. So my dad comes in and plops a huge plastic bag on my desk that is filled with brochures and manuals and warranties and spare material.

The warranties are all general and have no specifics as to what work or materials it is for and there is no organization whatsover. I have no idea what to even do with it all and when I ask my dad for help he says "make copies". I ask what I am supposed to make copies of if I dont know what it all is in the first place and exactly how I am supposed to make copies of this stuff. His response "make copies with a copier" and walks away. I tell him as he walks away that that doesnt help me but he doesnt respond. So I ask Susan, who did all the close outs before me and is much more knowledgeable and she says she has no idea what all of it is either and is just a baffled and my dad comes over, basically throw a couple of clear plastic binder pages at me as if this was the solution and walks away.

It is beyond frustrating that I dont get any guidance or help. I don't know what to do or where to even begin but he just leaves me to figure it out on my own. I am new to this industry, I am inexperienced and I am unfamilar with a lot in construction and when this shit happens it completely deflates my self esteem and leaves me unmotivated. I have talked to him before about this and he tells me he will start training me and have everyone else train me more but it never happens. Everyone is either too busy or just doesnt take the time. He is also somehow under the impression that I am a computer whiz and expected me to make a website for him, like it was easy and I could do it. Right now I just want to walk out and leave and tell him to go fuck himself. Obviously I am not going to do this so instead I vent in my blog.
We are drinking tonight right?

Thursday, July 10

On occasion, particularly when I travel, I carry a small notebook with me. I use it to write things down about people I see, things I experience, and things that I want to remember. Since I normally travel alone it can entertain me because usually what I write down are things that I find amusing. Other times I write because I have no one to talk to so I get out my thoughts on paper somewhat therapeutically. Here are a few things that I wrote down regarding my trip from Austin to Fresno:

When the pilot announced that there was another place at our gate and we would be sitting for at least 10 minutes I immediately began to squirm. Somehow I could easily sit for the 2 hour flight rather pleasantly, however sitting in the plane while it was on the ground for a miniscule 10 minutes was almost more than I can handle. The panic radiated from my chest, down my arms and legs like pumping blood and I started getting hot.

I suddenly noticed all of the people around me. Not that I hadn't realized they were there, but they were peripheral before and now it was as if they were closing in on me, snatching my personal space from me. I imagined myself flailing and pushing my way out of the cabin of the plane for some open, fresh air but didn't feel like following that up with getting arrested and having my body cavities probed. Don't get me wrong, sometimes all a girl needs is a good probing but in this situation it wasn't at all appealing.

Nine minutes have gone by. Fuck, they better get this plane moving, I really don't want to freak out in front of all of these people. The voice of the captain breaks through my convoluted and somewhat psychotic thoughts and says "Folks, looks like we have about 5 more minutes, there is still a plane at our gate". I exhaled deeply. Why is there a plane at our gate and why do captains always call passengers folks anyway? Why not "ladies and gentlemen" or "party people" or "you's guys"? Obviously the stress of sitting here is making me super bitch, but the only thing that is making me feel better is to get annoyed at everything so I continued to be annoyed.

Seven minutes later and I am almost going into Lamaze breathing, or tattoo breathing really since I have experience with the later and not the former, and the plane lurches forward. Oh thank god, I think am going to make it.

What I had been able to ignore since I had my Ipod on most of the flight was the group of older women behind me. They were apparently traveling to Hawaii since they all had lays on (either that or they just had really poor taste in jewelry) and one of them had a really thick southern Texas accent. Naturally, she was the one who talked incessantly. To be fair, at this point a puppy would have probably irritated me, but since there were no puppies on this flight my irritation was focused on this woman.

During take off and landing she verbally identified everything that she saw through her small plane window. "I think those are farms down there, those squares must be farmland" or "Oh look, there is another plane over there, I wonder where they are going" or "mountains aren't as tall from up here". These are things that people might think but don’t feel the need to say aloud, at least not me and I have a tendency to be annoyed in certain situations when people don’t think and act like I do.

As we were taxiing to the gate her voice drowned out all others,

"The other night I was watchin this hidden camera show and what a hoot that was!" I imagined she slapped her leg when she said this but I couldn’t see to know for sure. "The things people do when they don’t think anyone is watching, I'll tell you. I mean god is always watching so you should always be on your best behavior, serves them right that they got caught".

This made me visibly cringe. I thought about making eye contact with the girl next to me, she was about 17 and had her yearbook out most of the flight, but it would have been risky. If she didn't look like she to may agree that god was indeed always watching, I might have looked at her, and rolled my eyes. If she sided with the god woman though, I would have been stuck sitting next to someone who thought me to be a judgmental bitch and as true as that may be, I wasn't comfortable with this stranger thinking that. So I kept my eyes looking out the window at the airport terminal I so desperately wanted to be in.

"We need to stop by Big Lots when we get there" the woman continued running her mouth, "I need to get some underwear and some more pillas". She laughed loudly when she said this as if it were an inside joke and I wanted to turn to tell her the correct pronunciation was "pillow" not "pilla" but it would have sounded snotty. Again I kept my eyes out the winda err window and dreamed of the pilot coming back on the radio and saying "Hey you's guys, it is against FAA policy for people to talk loudly about their underwear especially if they are old and unattractive. Please report this behavior to the flight attendant and please refrain from smoking until you get to the designated smoking areas". This of course didn’t happen but as I was thinking about it I am sure it distracted me from hearing more from her.

When we finally arrived at our gate and debarked I felt relieved to have made it without making a disturbance that would land me on Foxnews. Disaster averted, next time I am taking xanax with me.

The Dangers of Auto-Replace

The American Family Association’s OneNewsNow site has a standard practice of using the word “homosexual”* instead of “gay” when referring to the gay population. They set up a filter to automatically make the change but this little faux paus got past them.

The article is about the sprinter Tyson Gay but as you can see his last name was automatically replaced with homosexual. This resulted in the rather comical headline:
Homosexual eases into 100 Final at Olympic Trials

as well as:
Asked how he felt, Homosexual said: ‘A little fatigued.’

The website corrected its error (without apology) but not quickly enough that no one noticed.


Wednesday, July 9

It's Baaack!

When I was in sixth grade I had a hypercolor shirt that I absolutely loved. It was purple and turned pink when you got hot or someone touched it (just like in the picture). I no longer have the shirt but it looks like it can now be replaced. Hyperdcolor is back baby!
I love the novelty but wearing that in Fresno may be problematic. It would either be pink all the time (I hate that color) or you could have pink pits all the time or in other places that get hot and I am not sure if that would be such a good look.

Tuesday, July 8

I Smell Rocky VII...

The Germans have found a way to combine both intelligence and athletic ability in one competition, Chess Boxing.

This shows it a little better and is subtitled:

I do believe in UFOs, I do, I do!

Last night I was sitting on my couch, sweating and feeling generally apathetic, when I looked up and saw something strange. I had my blinds closed and the curtains drawn to prevent as much as heat as possible from coming into my apartment. One of the blinds is broken so that there was a stream of light that came in through the broken blind. The light reflected off my wall, on my "I want to believe" UFO poster:

Weird, no? The light starts at the exact spot there is a reflection on the UFO in the poster. The X-Files theme should be playing in your head right now. And speaking of the X-Files, the new movie comes out July 25th and it is called X-Files:I want to Believe. Some really creative marketing perhaps?

And I am back...

Austin was great and I had a really good time while I was there. Traveling was interesting as it always is. Part of the reason I like traveling so much,and more specifically airports, is because of all of the people you encounter. More on that later though.

I have a dentist appointment and a lot of work to catch up on today so that is all for now.

Happy hot Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 2

Bon Voyage

Tomorrow at 6:10 AM (ugh) I am flying to Austin to spend the 4th with my sister. The past few times I have seen her have been somehwat chaotic with wedding receptions and what not so I am looking forward to a more mellow trip with some quality time with my sissy poo.

I am sure you want to know exactly what I will be doing there so here is the rundown:

-Grilling out on Friday, there will be lots of food and jack and coke as my brother in law favors that drink as well.
-Saturday we are taking the boat to Lake Travis to do a little wakeboarding.
-Sunday we are shopping, getting pedicures and maybe going to the Alamo Draft House
-And in between all of that I will be going to Town Lake for a run or two.

I fly home Monday.

I will see ya'll (I am practicing) for a bit tonight but if I dont see you, have a great 4th!

To The Ladies

Confessional: I do not like VPL's and will avoid them at all costs (I think everyone should really but I am not a miracle worker). What this means is I wear thongs the majority of the time. Usually this isnt a problem but there are some days when I cannot be bothered by a strip of material up my ass. Somedays it is just really hot and I am sweaty or I haven't done laundry in awhile so I only have the uncomfortable ones that irritate and literally rub me the wrong way left, whatever the reason I wanted to know whats a girl to do?
Well I have found the solution in the golden child of panties, Jockey® "No Panty Line Promise" Tactel Modern Brief. Not only does it promise no VPL's in its name (and delivers) but the are super comfy. And if you dress gets blown up in a breeze, you have these cute little numbers on instead of full ass cheek exposure. Simply fantastic.

Tuesday, July 1

The Man in My Life

Recently Mike asked me if I had any men in my life. My answer was "no, but there is this dog named Maynard that I love". Here he is looking awfully adorable:

He comes in the office to visit me every morning, well actually he probably comes to see me because I give him treats but whatever, I still love him even if he is using me for chicken drumstick treats. The super (also Mike) who owns Maynard keeps saying he needs to breed him so he can give me a puppy but we'll see if he follows through with it.

Mike was really depressed and angry before he got Maynard and since then, he is much happier and jovial when he comes in the office. His change in mood has drastically improved. And When he first brought Maynard in, Maynard was really nervous and unenergetic and didn't want to interact with anyone. Now he is this happy little wiggly puppy dog that lights everyone up when they see him.

Dogs are the best and I really really want one.