Wednesday, August 29

Ya'll I feel like I am forgetting something today....

Perhaps this is what Heather had in mind when she said
"I think wearing a high heeled shoe with a skirt above your knee is trampy"

Tuesday, August 28

Did you ever wonder...

Did you ever wonder what the bells mean at Trader Joes? Well I have and today I found out what they mean:

It’s a kind of Trader Joe’s Morse code. Those blustery PA systems just didn’t feel right to us, so we came up with a simple system to communicate – island style. One bell lets our Crew know when to open another register. Two bells mean there are additional questions that need to be answered at the checkout. Three bells call over a manager-type person. Honestly, it’s much easier than the ole message in a bottle trick.

So there you go, in case you were wondering.

The weekend (yeah I know it is only Tuesday)

It looks like I will be house sitting for the parents from Thursday night until Monday. I am not that excited about it since they live so far away but when your parents ask you to do them a favor, they have that whole "I created you" thing to hold over your head that you just can't argue with.

Since it is labor day weekend and it will be hot everyone is welcome to come keep me company and swim and BBQ and play wii and play horseshoes or whatever else tickles your fancy. Just an FYI.

Monday, August 27

Umm, riiight

So this has been making the rounds so you may have already seen it, but if not prepare to either laugh or cringe, I did both.

Friday, August 24

Me, myself and I

I have been meaning to post lately but everytime I go to post something I realize I have nothing to say. Since I have been tagged by Adam I thought well what better subject to write about? It is all about meeee.

The rules:
- Each player starts with eight random facts about themselves.
- Those who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight facts and post these rules.
- At the end of the post, choose some people to get tagged and list their names.

1) I really don't like doughnuts or any other pastry. I generally don't like anything sweet to eat in the morning, but I love eggs and hashbrowns.

2) My middle name is Luanne which is a combination of my mothers middle name (Anne) and my Grandmothers middle name (Lu). I also don't understand why some people are so embarassed of their middle names that they won't tell you what it is. Unless your middle name is Bumsucker or something it is just a name so what is the big deal? And if your middle name is Bumsucker, then you should be obligated to tell your friends because it is just selfish to keep something as funny as that to yourself.

3) When I was in 6th grade I was at an awards ceremony for honor roll or something and they would call you up and you would stand on choir risers until everyones name was called and then there would be a round of applause. I was one of the first people called so I was standing at the very top of the risers and after standing up there awhile I started get antsy and I took a half step backward but missed the riser and lost my balance. I did the arm windmill thing and flailed about and as I was going down grabbed the two people next to me which helped me because I was able to step down on the rolled up wrestling mat and pop right back up. However the people next to me were not so lucky. They both fell on the mat and took down the two people next to them. Luckily the domino effect stopped there but it was obvious I had something to do with it because I was standing at the top of the risers with no one around me with a beet red face.

4) I hate 80's music.

5) My favorite ice cream is baskin robbins peanut butter and chocolate.

6) I like saying the word "Entrepenuer" with a french accent.

7) I have the complete set of every episode of the Golden Girls and have probably seen every episode at least 5 times.

8) When I was in 4th grade I broke my arm, burned my face on an enchilada pan that was coming out of the oven and fell and scrapped my knee all in the same month and was interviewed by child protective services because my teacher thought I was being abused. Nope, just clumbsy.

Well I think everyone I know that has a blog has been tagged now except Kendall and Nick so I will tag them, but Kendall hasn't posted since August 3rd and Nick doesnt even have time to sleep right now so this probably wont be a priority for them.

So there it is, random information about me!

Wednesday, August 15

Yee Ha! I am off to Texas ya'll!

In case you didnt know I am flying to Austin tomorrow for my sisters formal wedding reception. Well, formal is a relative word, more official at least then the disaster that was their wedding reception in Fresno, but it will still be fairly laid back. The good news is that the bar is open and my brother-in-laws favorite drink is a jack and coke. The other good news is my dad has had no hand in planning this one so I have a feeling things will go much more smoothly. I get back Monday so if I don't see you tonight I will see you next week.


I have been very frustrated with my Dad at work lately. He has this pattern of giving me these projects in which I am told I have full control, he doesn't give me guidelines just a general description and basically says to run with it. Then, later down the road he won't like something that I have done and tells me to change what I have done to what he wants.

For example, I was told that I needed to get our website up and running and create a new logo. He gave me a business card of a company that does both logo design and website design and told me that they were reccomended by another company we do business with. So, I call them up, tell them what we want and get pricing for everything.

My dad looks over the pricing and signs the contract. The first step then is to design the logo. I am told we get three logo concepts and three revisions - all of this my dad is aware of - so I tell them we want something construction related that is similar to another logo from Fresno Builders Exchange. They send three possible logos over and I take them to the staff meeting for feedback and to see what everyone thinks. We decide that we like one in particular and change some fonts and the placement of the graphic. They send back a revised version and my dad says he wants to see it in three different colors. So I send that info back and they send me the updated logo. That would be the third revision, therefore any more design changes would cost more money.

Well this is when my dad decides that he doesn't really like the logo and has looked online at other logo creation companies and randomly finds one that does packages for logo creation. Then he tells me he was unhappy with the logos they came up with and that he thought they weren't very good. This is his fault for first of all not telling exactly what he wanted in his logo when he obviously has something in mind, second not saying anything about not liking them on the 1st draft instead of waiting for the 3rd when at this point it will start costing more.

Then he asks me to research the cost of both and I tell him that it will 2-6 hours more work at 96/hr for the company we have been working with thus far (we will have to pay $192 regardless for the work they have already done)and it will be $200 minimum to go with this online company and start over. So I was apparantly defending the company we have been working with because I was explaining that we didn't tell them what we wanted so it isn't their fault they didn't get it right, particularly when we had them revise one logo concept twice when it wasn't even what he wanted!

So now he knows what he wants and wants to go with the other online company. But the icing on the cake is when he tells me that I can do what I want and the decision is up to me. Uh no actually it isnt because you just told me what you wanted to do (and yes I told him this) - he didn't respond. He either needs to actually let me run with it or tell me what he wants but this false independence is just depleting my motivation since I know he isn't going to like whatever I do anyway.

Monday, August 13

Um, I'd rather be single

Just when I thought strategies to meet people couldn't get any more strange, I found this article about zapping. Now I am generally not opposed to things like online dating, that is how my sister met her husband and I know of several relationships that have developed after meeting online that have been good experiences, but putting a necklace around your neck and going around to other people and "zapping" them to see if you are compatible just seems awfully odd to me.

The premise is this: "Before parties, guests register online and complete questionnaires. The answers are then transferred to digital memory devices — red, plastic squares slightly larger than a matchbox — that the guests wear like necklaces. During a party, people point their devices at one another to check how compatible they are. The devices flash red, yellow or green, depending on their level of compatibility."

So I guess this just takes the whole idea of talking to someone to get to know them to see if you are compatible completely out of the equation. Who has time for that anymore? Also if some computer based compatability system does not think you will get along with someone you basically get the red light. Personally I would rather be making that decision myself, regardless of the mistakes I will make along the way.

On another note, I was shopping this weekend and was in the Express dressing room when I looked up at an advertisement they had on the door about their new line of jeans. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the one that had a guy in a pair of jeans walking down the street with a text overlay that read "I have nicknames for all of my jeans. Today I am wearing Johnny Dagger". Umm Yeeeah. I should have had a career in marketing, apparantly it isn't very hard to be successful in that field.

Friday, August 10

Just a little something to get you thru the day

Please to enjoy! I will be wiping the drool off my desk now.

Thursday, August 9

If I only was a blonde...

I have been having fun with this makeover website that shows you what you look like with celebrity hairstyles. This is me as Rachel McAdams. With hair like that the logical next step is a boob job! If you are interested in some shits and giggles, go here and do your own hair makeovers.

Target Story #2

After last nights disaster of a Target story, I decided to give story #2 a shot on my blog where there will be no interuptions. Also I write stories better than I verbalize them. It still isn't a knock your socks off story but here it goes anyway.

So yesterday I was in Target and when I went to the cash register to pay there was only 3 registers open and some fairly long lines were forming. I had just come from the gym where I did a pretty intense leg workout and was a bit wobly and I was starving so I really wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. I took my place in line and after a few minutes a Target employee approached me and said that they can help me at the jewlery counter. I thought sweet, I wasnt even next in line so this will shorten my waiting time for sure.

I walk over there and the girl working is looking at some leopard print purses on the other side of the counter and she sees me and walks over and starts ringing me up. We exchange pleasntries and she hands me my reciept but instead of putting my merchandise in a bag and handing it to me she says something and walks over to the purses. I didn't quite get what she said but it sounded like she was asking an opinion on something so I assumed she was talking to someone on her headset and had run out of bags or something so she was going to get one. She walks out of the counter and around the other side, grabs the 3 purses she was looking at and brings them over and says to me "which one do you like better?" and then continues to tell me about the fact that she really likes leopard print and these bags were on clearance for 4 bucks and she has a bigger one in this same line but she wants one for going out because that ones is too big, blah blah blah. Well I cant go anywhere because my stuff is still not in a bag and this chick is talking to me like we are old girlfriends getting ready to go out for the night. I tell her I like the smaller one the best because it has a better shape or something, which then leads her to give me a detailed description of her likes and dislikes plus the advantages and disadvantages of each bag. Then she starts holding them up to herself in front of a mirror to see how she would look carrying each bag. At this point my stomach has started to eat itself and my blood sugar is dropping and this girl won't shut up about these stupid 4 dollar clearance bags like they some Dolce & Gabana $1,000 handbags! I think I told her about 7 times which bag I liked in hopes of ending the conversation to no avail. I dont even know why she was asking me because at the moment I was definitely not the picture of fashion. I was wearing a sweaty wife beater and running shorts, not someone you would think to ask for fashion advice. She should have asked the tall girl with the big fake boobs that was prancing around in her booty shorts and heels but she was probably busy telling the 5th person of the day her mechanic story (I left that part out of the story last night, she repeated the story loudly on the phone to 3 different people so I had to keep hearing about the mechanic asking her to ive him a show).

Finally she decides to take my advice and get the smaller bag and manages to get my merchandise in a Taret bag so I can be on my way. So instead of getting to the front of the line and getting out of there quickly, I was discussing handbags with some random chick for a good 5-10 minutes. When I walked past the registers as I was leaving there wasnt even left in line anymore. So thats it. Target story #2. I think that went better than Target story #1 myself.

Wednesday, August 8

Frick! Frick! Frick!

My Ipod froze in the middle of my workout yesterday and has yet to unfreeze. It is stuck on a paylist, not playing which means I can't just wait for the battery to run out and for it to shut down before I charge it up and start using it again like I usually do. This has happened before but it usually doesn't freeze for such a long period of time. My Ipod is a crucial part of my workout! It keeps me going and prevents me from having to talk to other people at the gym ( I hate gym chat, I am there for one reason and hearing about your cats is not it). Hopefully when I get home for lunch it will have unfrozen, but I am not very optomistic at this point.

Monday, August 6

Just a few light hearted musings

I was asking my Dad this morning about Fantasy Football because I am going to be in a league this year and have never done it, and after we discussed some of the ends and outs he said, "Kasey, I used to think I would have liked to son but you pretty much take that role on as well as any guy would." This made me laugh. I truly enjoy doing "boy" things and I always have. I love watching sports, I love participating in sports,I love competition (you know thats all boys like to do right?). Obviously I am generalizing gender differences here (Adam, no need to jump on that one I am well aware)but those things and activities that are typically assigned to male gender roles are thing things I like to do most. I wonder though if that is something innate in me or if I was socialized to be that way as my Dad tried to fill the void of a son. I suspect both. I played with barbies from time to time growing up, but mostly I was out in the dirt getting into things and playing sports which I had an interst in and thankfully my parents encouraged. I was very much a tom boy in elementary and jr. high and even high school (this was before I found high heeled shoes and dresses). I like to have my feet in both worlds so to speak and be able to participate in both. Yes I like shopping and getting pedicures and talking to my girlfriends in my bra and underwear while we have pillow fights but I also like fight scenes in movies, football, trash talking, weight lifting and scratching my ass while burping (ok thats a lie, I really dont enjoy scratching my ass but I will do it from time to time). I don't know where I am going with this. In fact I am pretty sure I am going to get a few lessons in what it means to be a male or female with maybe a little gender socialization thrown in for good measure. Perhaps I am the female Adam Carrola, muhahahaha! I am going to go scratch my ass while I have a pillow fight now.

Wednesday, August 1

My birthday is coming up....

So Nick introduced me to this website that has a lot of really cool and sometimes random gifts. I came upon this gem and it cracked me up. I can't say it is a bad idea though because on more than one occasion I have accidently pulled out or dropped a tampon in front of people. My favorite story about doing this was when I was at Trader Joe's and I was looking for a pen to sign the receipt and I pulled it out and was positioning it to sign when I realized that it wasn't a pen at all. The guy at the cash register said "Here, try this" and handed me a real pen while laughing, and naturally he was cute.

Adam, I think this might also be a great and fashionable tamponica case as well.