Monday, October 29

Good news/Bad news

Today I woke up in a marvelous mood. For the first Monday in 4 weeks there was no leaf blower to jolt me awake. I won't be presumptious and say that it won't happen again because there was a stretch of time for months when it didnt happen, but I was just happy that today they gave it a rest.

Now the bad news, or possibly bad news. My temporary tattoo paper that I was going to print my tattoos out on has not come in yet. I can't seem to track it because I didn't get a trcking code so I don't know if I am going to get it on time. Does anyone know where I could buy this paper locally? There has to be someplace, I just can't think of where. If that doesn't work out though I know there are some artists among us, anyone want to draw on me?? Seriously.

Also,I was going to go with the wifebeater/skinny jeans Amy Winehouse but we saw a girl out Saturday night with that on (by the way my wig is way more over the top and fantastic) and I figure that if anyone else goes as her, thats the outfit they will be wearing. So I think I am going to go with a dress wearing Amy Winehouse. Perhaps not as easily identifiable but I don't want to look exactly like someone else. I am still working out how to include "rehab" in the outfit.

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