Friday, September 28

Famous Mii

I am not sure if anyone has posted about this before, but I found a website of mii celebrities and politicians etc. that people have created. They are pretty funny so if you haven't seen these it is worth a little looksee.

Here are some of my favorites:

For Adam:

Thursday, September 27

Fashion not so forward

I had a lot of time on my hands today because I was the only person in the office so I decided to spend some of that time online shopping, when I came upon these wtf articles of clothing that I felt obligated to share. I would like to think that these looks were Halloween costumes but no, this is marketed as everyday atire.
First is the Harem Paint

Which might go well with Turban Hat if you wanted to be some sort of Middle Eastern character for Halloween? I am not sure, pretty much grasping at straws here.

Next we have the Cocktail Pillbox Hat, which is a lovely and versatile addition to anyones wardrobe really.

And if you are feeling especially slutty, try this little number

Don't forget the shoes!

So I should have my new wardrobe in about 5-7 business days, woo hoo!

Tuesday, September 25

Looks like Warren Jeffs will be spending some time in jail, possibly even receiving a life sentence, after being convivted of being an accomplice to rape. Jeffs is the leader of polygamous Mormom sect in Utah where he performed the wedding between the victim and a 19 year old man, when the victim was 14 years old.
The defense said authorities were persecuting Jeffs because of his religious beliefs, which include practicing plural marriage as the way to heaven. "His church, his religious beliefs is what's on trial here, and it's being dressed up as a rape," attorney Walter Bugden argued.

This was not a polygamous marriage, it was only one husband and one wife in this instance therefore his religious beliefs are not what was in question, the following quote address what is:
She said she repeatedly told Jeffs that she did not want to be married and was uncomfortable with her new husband's sexual advances. Jeffs advised her to pray and to submit to her husband, learn to love him, and bear his children -- or risk losing her "eternal salvation," she said

When a 14 year old girl is told by an authority figure to have sex even though she is terrified and doesn't want to do it or she will go to hell, is a pretty clear cut case of rape.
Religious sects like this one are so dangerous because you are indoctrinated into these beliefs from birth and are not allowed to think any differently because if you do you are told that you are going to be burned in hell for it. For women this is especially destructive since they are the ones that typically hold no power and are told to submit to husbands or any other male figure.
Some followers play the tapes all day long, listening as a droning Jeffs describes a woman's duty to be submissive, "Negro" devilishness and the right of God's anointed leader to "rule in all areas of life." Jeffs drove home the first point during a home economics class taught by his first wife, Annette. Jeffs ordered male students to join female classmates in the meeting hall. Jeffs grabbed his wife's long braid and twisted it, sending her to her knees. A man has a duty, he said, to be a leader. And a wife needs to be submissive, no questions asked.
"He left. The boys left. She got up, fixed her hair and went on talking," said Jessop, 31, who witnessed the display. "She was a fun person. I think that is why he did it to her."

Maybe now that he is going to jail he will see what it is like to be submissive.

Monday, September 24

Hey Kim Catrell, the 1980's called, they want their suit back.
To the leaf blower man who believes that 4:30 AM is a reasonable time to blow leaves, trash and debris around the parking lot: GO FUCK YOURSELF. It is not a reasonable time, in fact it is pretty much the very worst time to be engaging in such a loud obnoxious activity. The last 2 hours of sleep are some of the most crucial hours of the night. Being woken up at that time and having to hear a leaf blower which is a noise that makes me angry at 4:30 in the afternoon, really makes my blood boil which in turn makes it damn near impossible to fall back asleep.

This on top of the reel pride festival extravaganza last night that had club music bumping until a little after 11. Now that didn't bother me nearly as much because 11 is not that late, even though I was already in bed. I think my day of exercise Saturday took a lot more out of me than I thought because I was exhausted all day Sunday and was really just looking forward to going to bed early and enjoying my clean sheets I just changed and getting a good nights sleep. But no, stupid leaf blower man decided to cut the wonderful silence of the night with a sound just slightly less obnoxious than a Harley with its engine revving or a garbage truck. I thought about yelling something but he wouldn't have been able to hear me and I even thought about going out there and having some words but that didn't seem safe so I just fumed in bed for about half an hour.

This is not the way I like to start my week, so I got coffee this morning to make me feel better. That helped along with having Donavan McNabe as my FF quarterback. I am currently 2nd out of 10 in my pool so I am not doing so bad at the moment.

And leaf blower man you better watch your back, there is some vigilantism coming your way.

Thursday, September 20

Happy Thursday!

Any ideas what his expression is saying? To me it almost looks like the look I get from people when I tell a joke that they don't think is funny, not that I get that look very often or anything, just saying...

Wednesday, September 19

Tiger beware

I am excited because tonight I have my first golf class. Annie and I signed up for a Women's beginning golf course which we will go to for the next 6 Wednesdays and hopefully learn some skills. I have been golfing before and have had informal lessons so I am not completley clueless,but it is always good to work on your fundamentals. In 6 weeks we should all go golfing so I can dazzle you with my extraordinary golfing abilities;)

Tuesday, September 18

Chicken Police

Turns out chickens are good for more than just eating and laying eggs, they also break up bunny fights, without the use of tasers. Police officers around the country take note.

Monday, September 17

Daft Hands

I was rather impressed. It starts slow but stick with it, I would never be able to do this.

Thursday, September 13


I had more free time then usual today at work and came across the 2007 Fresno Grizzlies Dodgeball Tournament. I am intrigued! The winning team gets to play an exhibition during the Fresno Falcons game at the Save Mart Center. Of course the last time I played dodgeball was PE in high school and I was definitely not very good but it would be fun to watch. If anyone is interested in checking it out with me it is on Sunday October 6th.

Also the Big Fresno Fair is comingup soon. I didn't make it out to it last year so I am excited to make up for lost time. The infomercial exhibit hall, the animals, the food, the hoochies dressed in their finest sluttiest gear...ahh good childhood memories.

Bourne or McGyver?

I came across a recent poll by the McCormick Tribute Foundation that found that 27% of American's polled (no sample size given) would want McGyver with them in the event of a disaster. The very resourceful fictional character beat out Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne and Bond for this title (albiet with a small percentage).

I had a mad crush on McGyver when I was a kid so I am pleased to see he still has some clout but I would have a hard time choosing between McGyver and Jason Bourne. Bourne can kick some serious ass but Mcyver can get out of any situation with a string and a toothpick. It is a tough call but I think Bourne wins on sex appeal. He has major man points and by the looks of that picture above, McGyver may not measure up as much in that category. Weeeeee!

Tuesday, September 11


So the ride to and from Porterville wasn't incredibly horrible, but it definitely had its moments. Susan drove and she doesn't go a mile over the speed limit and feels it neccesary to read every road sign we come across outloud. I also had to listen to John Tesh radio and heard the Whitney Houston song "where do broken hearts go" 3 times, not exagerating. After much thought I believe that broken hearts in fact do find their way home and find the love thats waiting there for them.

Also I finally got my internet working at home. Now I can waste even more time online, woo hoo! This was probably not the best week to stop smoking though. I was on the phone for 2 hours with the comcast guy trying to get it to work after spending 40 minutes in the phone earlier that day trying to get a replacement modem. Driving 3 hours with Susan was certainly stressful as well and I could definitely use a cigarette right now and the liquor store is so close....

that is not funny, seriously it isn't

I am fuming right now and have no one to vent to but my blog.

So one of our superintendents Mike comes in this morning and the subject of CPR comes up. So Mike says "hey, how do you give CPR to someone who has AIDS" and then he proceeds to make a stomping motion on the floor and everyone laughs. Of course I argue that it isn't funny which is even more hilarious to them. The more appalled I was, the harder they laughed. I tried to explain why that wasn't funny, even though it may seem obvious to most people, and I didn't get anywhere which is even more frustrating. Sometimes we laugh at things without thinking about it and once one realize what it exactly is we are laughing at we correct ourselves but no, they still thought it was funny when he told it again to someone else.

Call me uptight but AIDS just isn't a funny subject to me. What is even better is that I have to drive to Porterville this afternoon with Susan to attend a training. 3 hours in a car with Susan, fucking fantastic.

Monday, September 10

Kasey's Fall Preview

Every few months or so I like to evaluate the way my life is going and make some tweaks and changes to make sure I stay on track with how I want my life to be. This usually happens four times annually with the coming of each season and as fall approaches (not quickly enough though, I am ready for cool weather damnit!)it is time once again to re-evaluate.

Health:I am quitting smoking, this really needs to be done. An occasional smoke is alright but I can't buy cigarettes or cloves anymore because if I have them I will smoke them.
I walked to Starbucks Sunday morning and there was a race going on. Seeing all of the runners made me miss running. Now that the weather will start cooling down it will be easier to get some runs in so I am thinking of running in the Trail of Two Cities Half Marathon in November. Since it is a relatively short distance I should have enough time to train. I ran 4 miles on Sunday in the heat and was good so working up to 13.1 is definitely do-able.

I really need to focus a lot on this. Too many times recently I have thouh where is my money going. Might be a good idea to look into that. So I am cutting out the little extras, including limiting my Target and Starbucks visits and paying more attention to where my money is going. This will be rough for me because I really love to shop and I havent bought any fall/winter clothes yet. I do not want any debt though and I am becoming close to creating some.

For about 4 years now I have wanted to volunteer somewhere and I just haven't gotten around to it. This is due entirely to procrastination on my part. My sister volunteers at a childrens shelter once a week and has for about 2 years and she loves it and I very much admire that about her. I don't know where though, any suggestions? I volunteered at St. Agnes once and it sucked because I had to answer phones and page doctors. If anyone knows of any little gems of volunteer opportunities, please let me know.

I have wanted to take up golfing for awhile. Annie and I signed up for a golf class at Fresno Adult School - not sure how much help that will actually be but should be fun anyway! I want to get to the point where I can play a round with my dad and not annoy him with my lack of skill and knowledge.

So thats it. No drastic changes, just getting myself back on track on some things.

Wednesday, September 5

Office Antics

My Mom and Susan have been looking at email forwards for the past 30 minutes and laughing loudly and in my opinion obnoxiously. I don't understand why forwards are just so damn entertaining for everyone over the age of 45, but apparantly they are. When my mom opens her email account and she has at least 30 emails every other day, all of which are forwards, all of which she finds it neccesary to show Susan. At least I have the common decency (and common sense) to pretend I am working when I am messing around online.

Update: My mom just asked me what LOL meant. She thought it means Love You Lots. I know. This is what I have to deal with.

Tuesday, September 4

The Universe (nerd alert)

For all of you nerds out there, I came upon a fascinating series on the History Channel this weekend that I had a hard time turning off. It is called The Universe and the episodes that I saw talked about all of the planets individually as welll as meteors and their impact on the earth, and the galaxy and super massive black holes. I don't know where films like this were when I was in school but I don't remember the ones I saw in science class being nearly as interesting. If they had maybe I would have had a much more useful and lucrative science degree instead of nearly useless communication degrees.

Tonight at 8 they are showing The Universe: Beyond the Big Bang which looks to be one of the better episodes:

Interviews with the world's leading physicists and historians are woven together with animated recreations and first-person accounts to explain concepts such as the formation of galaxies, the creation of elements and the formation of Earth itself.

(I am still trying to figure out who is giving a "first person account" on the Big Bang but I am definitely intrigued!)I love this stuff because it is so interesting to me that people have figured this out and yet is hard for me to even grasp the concept of infinite space and other galaxies and so on. So if you have some free time tonight, give it a watch.


I think the coffee is finally starting to kick in this morning so my thoughts are starting to contain an element of clarity instead of the convoluted nonesense that was me earlier in the morning. Not sure why I am so tired, I went to bed before midnight but my diet has sucked lately so that probably has something to do with it. Anyway here are a few of my Tuesday morning thoughts:

- Turns out I am in no hurry to become domestic, not that this comes as a big suprise but having to take care of 3 dogs and a household for 5 days reminded me how much work it is to be a homeowner and even a pet owner. I may be 27 and some may say already late in becoming domesticated but I am going to appreciate my freedom for as long as I possibly can.

- My diet has gone of course and I am needing to remedy this. I usually eat 6 times a day and pack a lot of fruits of veggies in, but I haven't been doing that lately which has made me feel sluggish and crappy. Diet and exercise are so closely linked to how I feel that if I get off track even slightly, I feel in it everything I do.

- I am excited that we are already in September because fall is a great time of year. I haven't been enjoying any outside exercise or activities because it has been so damn hot, my apartment is sweltering and driving is miserable. Lets be honest, I am also very excited about buying fall clothes and shoes. Ooh shopping, I am giddy!

Thats about all I've got. Really I just got tired of seeing Britney's ass on my blog and had to replace it with something.