Monday, September 10

Kasey's Fall Preview

Every few months or so I like to evaluate the way my life is going and make some tweaks and changes to make sure I stay on track with how I want my life to be. This usually happens four times annually with the coming of each season and as fall approaches (not quickly enough though, I am ready for cool weather damnit!)it is time once again to re-evaluate.

Health:I am quitting smoking, this really needs to be done. An occasional smoke is alright but I can't buy cigarettes or cloves anymore because if I have them I will smoke them.
I walked to Starbucks Sunday morning and there was a race going on. Seeing all of the runners made me miss running. Now that the weather will start cooling down it will be easier to get some runs in so I am thinking of running in the Trail of Two Cities Half Marathon in November. Since it is a relatively short distance I should have enough time to train. I ran 4 miles on Sunday in the heat and was good so working up to 13.1 is definitely do-able.

I really need to focus a lot on this. Too many times recently I have thouh where is my money going. Might be a good idea to look into that. So I am cutting out the little extras, including limiting my Target and Starbucks visits and paying more attention to where my money is going. This will be rough for me because I really love to shop and I havent bought any fall/winter clothes yet. I do not want any debt though and I am becoming close to creating some.

For about 4 years now I have wanted to volunteer somewhere and I just haven't gotten around to it. This is due entirely to procrastination on my part. My sister volunteers at a childrens shelter once a week and has for about 2 years and she loves it and I very much admire that about her. I don't know where though, any suggestions? I volunteered at St. Agnes once and it sucked because I had to answer phones and page doctors. If anyone knows of any little gems of volunteer opportunities, please let me know.

I have wanted to take up golfing for awhile. Annie and I signed up for a golf class at Fresno Adult School - not sure how much help that will actually be but should be fun anyway! I want to get to the point where I can play a round with my dad and not annoy him with my lack of skill and knowledge.

So thats it. No drastic changes, just getting myself back on track on some things.


edluv said...

one easy volunteer is tower beautification.

what's that?

well, on the 4th saturday of the month a group gathers @ the corner of olive & wishon. the city provides trash bags & picker deals. the local group provides snazzy orange vests that say "tower volunteer" on the back. people go out and pick up trash, helping to spiff up our neighborhood. two hours max. last month, we went for 1.5 hours.

the only drawback: starts @ 8 a.m. this time can come real early some saturdays. also, for me, about 1/3 of the saturdays in the year i'm gone for track meets.

another group i've thought about volunteering with is food not bombs. there are actually two different fnb groups in fresno. one helps give out food on saturdays @ roeding, the other on sunday. i'm not sure all the details, but i know some people help prep food, others help distribute.

edluv said...

you should also resolve to send out more email forwards.

thelulu said...

I knew there was something I was missing! Yes, send more forwards, for sure.

Thanks for the heads up on the volunteer opportunities!

Adam said...

I'll let you clean my apartment for free.

Monticore said...

I think you should vol. at the feline foundation. They are right down the street and you get to give the cats food and love (oh and clean their litter boxes).

edluv said...

didn't they move?

Monticore said...

I still see cats in the window