Wednesday, March 17

Nika has been FurMinated

Labs are fantastic dogs in a lot of ways, however they are terrible shedders and Nika is no exception. If we go one week without sweeping the floors, we could make a replica dog with the fur we sweep up.

Looking into the problem I discovered a product called The FurMinator, great name, right? It is just a grooming tool but it has finer teeth and is made of metal and the premise is the more fur your remove during brushing, the less your pet will shed on you or in your house. Simple concept but I was really impressed with this:
So, I went to Petco to get one and we spent an HOUR brushing Nika on Monday night. We had to take turns because we got so tired of doing it but the fur just kept coming off until the yard looked like this:

Perhaps if we had piled all the hair together it would have more closely resembled the first pic but we had a hell of a time trying to keep her still for that long so if she moved, we followed and thus the fur went everywhere. I also believe we could have gotten more off of her, but after an hour, we were over it.

Her coat was very shiny and silky when we were done though:
She is also shedding less in the house and on us, which is REALLY good. I would reccomend this product if you have a problem shedder like we do. It works on cats too!


miriam said...

I looked at this for the kitty cat. Digger the Dog has issues as well, but not like the kitty. You have me thinking...

Lulu said...

Just make sure the kitty is going to accept being brushed for that long, at least the first time. I think the maintenance brushing won't take as long, but if you have a cat that won't sit still for you, you are in for a struggle. Otherwise it is quite helpful!

Carrie said...

Jeez Louise! We need that for Ivy!

Allie said...

We totally need one of those! The fur situation around here is unreal!