Friday, March 21

Underdogs & Updates

There were a lot of upsets in todays play that was great to see (I love me an underdog) unfortunately for most of us, it hurt our points. Points have spread out some but the money is still up for grabs. Here are the current standings:

Annie 26
Brian 24
Ed 23
Mike 23
Katie 22
Kasey 21
Kendall 20
Nick 18


edluv said...

i'm feeling alright with my 23. especially because i'm not imagining that too many people picked most of those upsets, nor that those upsets will go too far.

sadly, i picked vandy, uconn, and usc all to win one more game. which they won't.

and i was perfect in the east in the first round, but my midwest was a total mess (only 3 right).

maybe after sunday, sometime before the next round starts, you could post every one's final four, or top two, just so people get an idea if the competition already boned it. i already know i need to be a game up on brian because we both have ucla winning.

The Lulu said...

Yeah I havent looked too far ahead to see what everyones second round pics are yet but yeah I can post everyones final four.
Annie is looking pretty strong though.