Monday, March 17


The past few weeks I began to notice that I can't seem to get the water in my shower very hot. I used to have the the shower knob halfway between hot and cold and it would be plenty hot. Now I have the knob turned all of the way to hot, it takes about 5 minutes to get it tolerable enough to be able to step in and it doesn't get any warmer the entire time I am in there. Taking a shower while you are shivering and have goosebumps the whole time is just miserable. Of course my landlord was out of town this weekend so he is supposed to come by today to take a look at it. I just hope this isn't a problem that takes awhile to fix or else I will have to start taking showers at the gym or something. You are reminded of how fantastic it is to take a hot shower when you cant take them anymore.

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The Lulu said...

My landlord just called because he cant make it tonight so I will have to wait another day, doh!