Friday, March 28

Belly, Bachelorettes and Basketball

I haven't updated or even looked to see who won the 3rd round of games yesterday because I had a mild case of food poisoning yesterday (shrimp tacos) and the toilet was my friend for awhile. At least I wont have to do any sit ups for a few days after the workout my stomach got.
Then there was bachelorette party madness after finding out the bride thinks that I do not care about planning it and that I am not happy enough for her that she is getting married because apparantly I am bitter that I am single. I can't even begin to tell you how much that pissed me off. I have already put in a ton of work in planning this party for her that she doesn't know about because she shouldnt be involved in it at all. She needs to trust Kendall and I, show up and have fun. The party is going to be awesome and she just needs to chill the fuck out.
I know she is really stressed because of the wedding and her job right now so I tried not to be too offended by her crazy talk and everything did get worked out but wow that was really offensive. She needs to be less crazy and I need to be more super excited about everything having to do with the wedding and that should make everyone satisfied.
So I will get to some March Madness updates and Ed's request later today. Right now I am kind of backed up at work and dealing with bridezillas.


Adam said...

Bridezilla eh? You need some personal security? Maybe a couple of Japanese cops with voices out of sync with their mouths?

Adam said...


The Lulu said...

hahaha, I do! Let me know where I can hire me some of those guys, they would be awesome at the bachelorette party. They could strip and serve double duty!

Anonymous said...

Too bad that's happening.

As for March madness....I'm smack dab in the middle of our pool. Jay is near the top and a 10 year old is kicking all our asses!

Good luck planning! I just got Elrod's invite. I'm really happy for both Melissa and Elrod!

The Lulu said...

I am in the middle too, and a pregnant married lady is kicking all of our butts at the moment.

And as for the wedding crap, it really just boils down to the bride being stressed out and overwhelmed so she isnt necceasarily thinking rationally and me not being a real girly girl when it comes to that kind of stuff. She is misinterpreting my lack of over the top enthusiasm as me not caring, which isnt the case at all. Bridey/wedding things just arent my thing but that isnt a reflection of how I feel about her getting married. I couldnt be happier with her getting married to her man because he is great. I know how important this is to her so I need to buck up and get a little more enthusuastic!